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I want to study to be an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) because I believe it will be the start of a long successful career in working in the medical field. I chose the course because I love the idea of being there for people at their most vulnerable. I have always been interested in the ODP role as it encompasses everything I enjoy doing. It is a worthwhile job which I know I will get enormous amounts of job satisfaction from.

I am eager to pursue a career in which I am able to help and care for people, becoming an ODP would allow me to fulfil this ambition. A career as an ODP is for dedicated, reliable, caring people who can work effectively within a multi professional team, have good team working skills and are able to adapt to situations and keep calm under pressure. I consider myself to be a very, caring compassionate person who is able to emphasise with others, use initiative, and have good interpersonal skills. I believe that the role of an ODP can be very challenging and demanding at times as well as rewarding and fulfilling. I feel I possess the qualities to which would make a good ODP and have the dedication and commitment to work hard in this field.

Whilst studying health and social care I became interested in the ODP field. I was eager to apply for this course after college but due to personal circumstances I took another direction and took a job where I’m currently working now. I’ve worked in a nursery as a 0-2 room leader for three years now and although I have enjoyed my time there I feel that it’s time to get back onto the path of healthcare. I’ve always had the big desire to work in health care, although it’s the faster paced/critical side of patient care that inspires me and captures my interests the most.

I truly enjoy working directly with people on a day to day basis, something as simple as helping someone throughout the day or supporting a parent as they leave their new born for the first time gives me a naturally high knowing that I’ve made a difference even in the littlest of ways. I feel I have a natural caring nature and have the ability to put people at ease. I want to be able to help and support people when they are at their most vulnerable and I think that becoming an ODP will give me the opportunity to make a difference.

Although I love working in a nursery, child care isn’t where I want to be. Working in childcare has given me the opportunities to work with parents and children and to develop and strengthen personal and professional skills. Leading a busy demanding baby room requires me to work well as a team, be a forward thinker, be organised and patient and to interact and support both adults and children, these skills I can carry over to training as an ODP.

During my time at college I undertook four different work experience places which were residential home, nursery (which I now work) hospital and a school. I thoroughly enjoyed all the placements but by far I enjoyed the hospital place the most, since the placement I knew that’s where I wanted to work. The excitement of the fast-paced environment and patient centred caring approach is what really attracts me especially knowing that you’re making a difference to someone’s day or even life is an adrenaline rush in its self.

I really enjoy running and every year anticipate The Great North Run. This was my fourth year, I ran for Zoes place which is for a baby hospice in Middlesbrough, it’s only a small organisation which benefit massively from charity events. I really enjoy the experience and have met some amazing people with inspirational stories. I’m currently training for the Liverpool full marathon next year which is a big step up from a half marathon but I am excited for the challenge and hope to raise lots of money for good causes.

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This personal statement was written by mham for application in 2012.

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Hi, i think it reads very

Hi, i think it reads very well and you have incorporated both professional and personal information, which would be relevant. I too am applying for this course and have been struggling to give a good balanced outline of myself, and show enthusiasm without using bland sentences. good luck


Thankyou for this.

ODP Training

Having been a qualified ODP for quite some time now I felt compelled to comment on your personal statement.

I seriously hope you do succeed in your quest to secure a place on a training scheme and wish you every success in the future. But just by way of advice Im not completely sure you have done your research. The role of the ODP is inlike any other role found within the healthcare arena. With as few as 10,000 ODPs nationally compared to our nursing colleagues who number in excess of 670,000 our involvement in delivering care is quite diverse. Often viewed as the 'Swiss Army Penknife' of the peri-operative care world no two days are the same. However; as with all careers there are some quite low points and delivering care usually pans out as 98% boredom followed by 2% of heightened activity.
With reagrd to your training and deevelopment be advised that you will be doing a full time job (37.5 hours) and expected to organise your study in your own time. Time to develop your self management style. My advise is do your homework, research the role/position, always expect the unexpected. On a final note with reagrd to your writing technique, check your grammer spelling and syntac. Remember if you do succeed in securing a place you are marked on every aspect of your written/research work.

NHS Senior ODP, BSc (Hon)

yes, overall statement is

yes, overall statement is good, just need to do a little bit more research into the ODP job role, its very hard to do this really as there really isn't much out there on what ODP's do as it is very different in real life. a few spelling errors and whoever commented telling you about spelling syntax and grammar also made 8 spelling mistakes too lol sorry i couldnt help that :-D Good luck


Im obliged for the article post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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