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"I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance."

I want to make a dramatic difference to people's lives! I feel that Radiotherapy is the perfect profession to fulfil this.

I am confident that I can become, with your help, a very successful Radiotherapist because I believe that my personality traits and skill sets are perfect for Radiotherapy - I'm responsible, caring, supportive, trusting, empathetic and most of all I am an inexhaustible source of positivity and always have a smile on my face. I am extremely interested in Science - particularly Physics which I study in school.

The continuing professional development within Radiotherapy is very appealing to me and I love the idea of entering a diverse and rapidly changing career. I enjoy working as part of a team, and feel my good interpersonal skills would be utilised as a Radiotherapist.

I did work experience in one of Ireland's largest and busiest Radiotherapy Departments - Whitfield Clinic. I was given a thorough guide through the areas of consultancy, simulation, treatment and mould making phases of Radiotherapy which only fuelled my desire to study your degree. I was shown simulation machines, scans of patients with various illnesses, CT and MRI Scanners as well as the Linear Accelerators.

I was introduced to other members of the Oncology team, such as the Medical Physicist, and was given an outline of their roles. I felt the work experience was inspirational and fascinated me, and even though I was only in the Radiotherapy department for a short time, it proved to me that Radiotherapy is the career that I am most suited to.

To further expand my knowledge of Radiotherapy and its practices, I did extensive research on the subject, to ensure that it would be a suitable career path for me.

I read several publications from the Society of Radiographers, most notably the publications on "Summary of Intervention for Acute Radiotherapy Induced Skin Reactions in Patients", "Learning and Development Framework for Clinical Imaging and Oncology","Implementing The Career Framework in Radiotherapy", Policy Into Practice, "End of Life Strategy", and "Patient Advocacy".

I feel the Radiotherapy courses in the UK have much more to offer than the one Radiotherapy course in Ireland, in terms of employability after the course, Employers deem the vast clinical experience gained on UK courses essential for the successful introduction of newly graduated Radiotherapists into their clinic.

The world class standard and professional recognition that your course offers would also ensure that I would graduate a very capable Radiation Therapist.

I have done a lot of voluntary and fund-raising work in my local community. I volunteer at my local Youth Club every week, where I work as part of a team to provide a social outlet to children in the local community.

I have also volunteered in a local retirement home which has showed me my ability to establish trusting relationships quickly and has also proved that I can successfully interact with a diverse range of people.

I am very excited at the prospect of starting your Radiotherapy course and if selected I hope I can follow in the footsteps of your long list of very successful alumni.

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This personal statement was written by TurkishNeon for application in 2010.

TurkishNeon's Comments

I found it really difficult to find other Radiotherapy PS so I decided to post mine.
I got 5 out of 5 interviews with this. Got 4 offers (declined Sheffield Hallam's invitation to interview as I already had 4 offers)
I have firmed Liverpool and have City as my conditional.
Hope this helps.


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Very nice, well done

Very nice, well done


Hi, I was was just wondering, what A-level subjects did you take to get on to this course?

Thanks :)

A Level Subjects

I did the Irish Leaving Cert which is a completely different system to A Levels but the only Science subject I did was Physics.
For this course you only need one science subject, after completing one semester I would say Biology would be the best subject to have but I know plenty of people who only have Chemistry and they are finding the course ok.


This statement was obviously very successful but in my opinion it is too cocky, pretencious and shows off negative qualities that a radiotherapist probably shouldn't have...


Hiya can i be really cheeky and ask what sort of grades you got at the end of collage? Must have been good for all those offers! :)

Great personal statement! I

Great personal statement! I am currently writing my own to apply for radiotherrapy and oncology and was wondering how you are finding the course? has it fulfilled your expectations?

I feel that the statement

I feel that the statement which implies that the Radiation Therapy course in Ireland is inferior to those in the UK is hugely misinformed and quite ignorant. Irish students gain experience in various centres throughout Ireland, whereas many students in the UK spend their clinical rotations in the same hospital. There are pros and cons to each. However, a large proportion of my class from Trinity College Dublin have been recruited to work in the UK. Irish graduates are highly sought after and to put it quite bluntly, the large majority of Irish students who travel to the UK to study are those who do not gain entry to the Irish course due to the (unnecessarily) high points.

Also I feel I should add that

Also I feel I should add that the Whitfield is one of the *smallest* Radiotherapy centres in the country, with two units. I will admit that they punch above their weight in regard to patient numbers.


As the admission tutor for Radiotherapy & Oncology, I would advise potential applicants to write their own personal statements that reflect their level of experience, interests and knowledge around radiotherapy.
Don't plagiarise!

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