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My fascination with the body and understanding how it functions has fuelled my desire to pursue a career in physiotherapy as it incorporates science, sports and medicine which are all areas of specific interest to me. The flexibility and variety of career paths available and the practical emphasis in this profession, as well as the prospect of improving someone's standard of life and well-being particularly appeals to me.

Stemming from my keen interest in the body and sports, I am currently studying both a vocational qualification and an additional advanced level biology course. The depth and detail of biology coupled with both the theoretical and practical aspects of the vocational course, acquired through specific units such as anatomy, physiology, sports massage and sport injury, has provided me with an adequate foundation for studying physiotherapy.

I find myself excited by the idea of improving my knowledge and feeding my desire by studying subject areas such as anatomy, neurological rehabilitation and therapeutic skill. The work experience I am currently undertaking with physiotherapists in the NHS and private practices in Ghana, when I visit family on scheduled holidays, has enabled me to gain a concise insight into the work ethic and opportunities available in this profession.

I felt a strong sense of satisfaction from helping my dad through his battle with prostate cancer, by giving him massages that helped to improve his mobility and comfort. While I was in Ghana I also experienced the drastic change in the condition of an old lady with arthritis in her hands. Through the use of massage, compression gloves and therapeutic exercise over a period of weeks, there was an exceptional improvementin her muscle strength and joint mobility. However, it was the expression of glee, as she could now write with no pain, which confirmed my aspiration to become a physiotherapist.

I am currently an active participant in my college's student union as vice president, black students' officer, department representative and course representative. These roles involve meetings with students and heads of staff plus taking on board information and ideas restructuring them, then presenting them in a more engaging manner in order to see them implemented; also dealing with sensitive racial issues. These responsibilities have refined and strengthened my time management and organisational skills along with conveying my creative, proactive and down-to-earth nature.

Sport is a significant part of my life; football and badminton being my favourites. I really enjoy the fast pace, quick thinking and swift movements associated with each sport as well as the large physical demands, focus and concentration. The overwhelming feeling of delight, as I smash the shuttlecock or score a goal, is what keeps me addicted.

My acceptance of new ideas and willingness to try alternative experiences has led me to develop a range of diverse interests including contemporary architectural design, conceptual automobile design, technological gadgetry and social comedy. Their striking visual stimulation and controversial nature enthral me. Trance, classical and R'n'B are at the heart of my broad ranging music tastes, while skydiving, bungee-jumping, rock climbing and free- running are all activities I wouldn't hesitate to participate in. I feel this expresses my enthusiasm to live life to its fullest and have a career that allows others to do the same.

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This personal statement was written by guidomq for application in 2009.

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King's College London
The Manchester Metropolitan University
Sheffield Hallam University
St George's Hospital Medical School
York St John College

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Physiotherapy at King's College London

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thought it was rather mature, but it came to me at 2 am in November and I must have changed it at least 25 times. so don't be too worried if it isn't coming to you straight away.this site helped as well.


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I found this very interesting

I found this very interesting and really well structured. Well done.


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what grades did you have at AS?

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