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For as long as I can remember I have been a science based person. But it was not until an unfortunate fall resulted in my finally seeing how x-rays were taken in person that I actually thought about it in any type of career aspect. I have always been one to wonder about the world around us, what makes everything work, and how it can be changed and manipulated.

I believe this is due to my interest in science and mathematics, so many little details that surround us every day involve these two ingredients, yet most people seem to pass them by. It was with these interests and my optimistic outlook on life that I decided to look at the health sector for a possible future career.

Whilst doing this I chose to look at radiography, as it encompassed many things I found interesting, mathematics and physics, being two favourite subjects of mine, and of course the ideal of helping others as my life's work. This was another thing I found interesting about the health sector, the idea of having a career, to look after myself and my family in the future, yet have included in that the job satisfaction of being able to help others when in need. With all these in mind I looked more into radiography and became more interested in it.

During this time I contacted local hospitals to inquire about the possibility of work shadowing which concluded with me spending time at two separate departments. A few days at Dr Gray's hospital in Elgin, in the newly built radiography department. Followed by time at Raigmore hospital within the radiotherapy department. I found both of these institutions to be highly enlightening and would have liked to have spent more time there, though was assured there was nothing more they could show me that I hadn't seen already.

These visits included, explanations of how some machines were operated and worked by engineers; observation of x-rays, ultrasounds and chemotherapy practice; detail of face mask molding and examination of newly developed film and computer x-rays to diagnose patients.

Since the time I spent at these hospitals I have remained interested in the idea of a career within the health sector, especially as it shows many opportunities for growth in the future, especially with the growth of computer assisted diagnosis within many fields of medicine, the future looks bright and infinitely increasingly exhilarating.

My application through ucas is entirely focused at Robert Gordon University as I am extremely interested in the impressive School of Health Sciences there, and of course Aberdeen has its own unique place within history, at the very least, the city with the record of having the first university in Great Britain to recognise the teaching of medicine by the creation of a teaching post.

I personally believe that the time I have spent in the past looking into the health courses and my personal attitude to helping others and always having a smile on my face put me in a consummate position in the application process. I look forward to fulfilling my role as an eager young mind, at a top university, looking onward to a great career within the health sector and the possibility of learning much more afterwards as I know the real learning will only begin once I have my degree.

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This personal statement was written by Elgin_McQueen for application in 2007.

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I used this site to help with my own personal statement and I really think it made the difference in the end. All six of my choices were for the same university and they all came back with offers.


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Not like they'd ever know somehting from this site was copied, just edit it to fit really.


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very helpful

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Yeah they will know if it was

Yeah they will know if it was copied, there not that retarded

very helpful!! very well

very helpful!! very well structured too!
thanks really helped me :]

Good subject matter, but tons

Good subject matter, but tons of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure...


well for starters, i think that you have made all of this information up! I do not think you are a scientist. If a university grants you access with this pathetic statment, then you will, most probably bring their result down into a fighting depression.

Should mention whether

Should mention whether prefered diagnostic or therapy radiography while shadowing and why if that is what you are applying for

You didn't mention anything

You didn't mention anything you did outside of radiography tbh - like things within school such as Duke of Edinburgh's or Principal Student etc...

Alright though...

Most universities check for

Most universities check for plagiarism on all applications.

The only actual part made up

The only actual part made up is the initial part about getting a x-ray. I totally agree about the grammar and sentence structure. Luckily this was merely a personal statement for a science based course and not an application essay for a literature based course so neither of these were of any real concern.


A round of applause for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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