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In recent years there have been a myriad of ground breaking discoveries in science. However, I believe more can be done in neurology as we have a worldwide ageing population with dementia affecting many sufferers and their families. I wish to study neuroscience as I would like to examine conditions such as this but also investigate other aspects of the brain such as neuroanatomy. Having had a close family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, I've been exposed to the fragilities of the human brain from a young age. Even though watching the slow deterioration has been distressing, I have also found it very interesting to see how such a complicated organ can be subjected to such large changes due to a degenerative condition. As a result of this personal experience, my desire to study the intricacy and complexities of the brain has substantially increased.

For me to pursue a career in this specific field, I felt I would need to witness the effect of non-degenerative neurological diseases. This is why I undertook work as a volunteer in 'Activenture' which provides a one week action course for disabled children. Each volunteer is designated with one child to care for; mine suffering from Autism. At first it was difficult to connect with the child, however, as a few days passed and as I spent more time with him, he was able to establish some trust in me. Witnessing a child deprived a full life due to a condition we knew little about in terms of treatment was a real eye opener, as I realised there is so much more we can do. As well as this, I gained six months work experience at a charity shop which I attended weekly useful for my self development. Due to this commitment, I enhanced my time management skills and my interpersonal skills flourished as it was necessary for me to respond well with active customers.

My fascination for science has prompted me to study neuroscience and this can be seen through my A-level choices. Biology has shown me how systematic our human body is, with the brain being the centre of all bodily functions. My understanding of biological functions, such as the ionic movements in the nervous system, was improved by studying chemistry and this subject has also given me a chance to develop my laboratory skills. Mathematics has significantly improved my problem solving skills and as history has long been an interest of mine, I decided to take this subject to fully appreciate modern day society and its origins. The books of Oliver Sacks have appealed to me and furthered my interest in this field. The mysterious cases in 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat' opened my eyes to how the brain can be affected in a variety of ways, despite the paucity of these conditions.

Being active is extremely important to me. I've captained my school cricket team as well as occasionally captaining the senior teams at club level. This strengthened my team building skills as I had to take control of unanticipated situations thus enhancing my abilities as a leader and a significant team player. Raising money for good causes is something I strive to do and for the past two years I have completed the Leukaemia Research London Bikeathon to raise awareness for an issue which I think is of grave concern. In my high school years I played an active role in the coordination of my year group as I was one of few prefects and a selected member of the green council.

It will never fail to surprise me how humans have made so much progress in understanding something as vast as the solar system, yet we still have not fully understood our brain; something which is so directly relevant to us. This is why I would like to pursue a career in research after my degree as I believe we need to gain a clearer picture of our anatomy. For us to comprehend the full potential of our mind is challenging but I believe I am more than ready immerse myself into the rapidly developing neurological field

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This personal statement was written by rizzler for application in 2009.

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Well it got me All 5 of my offers including UCL and Kings so it must have quite good. I havent seen any neuroscience personal statements on the net and I remember when first writing it I would of loved to have a template, so here you go, hope its helps !


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This is amazing. I wish I

This is amazing. I wish I could write my personal statement as well as this!

thank your

its really difficult to find anyone who can give advice on a personal statement for neuroscience so thankyou for posting yours, though my A level background and interests are quite different! just shows what a diverse subject it is.
which univeristy did you accept, and where did you apply?


This personal statement is w-o-w, thanks for the help
I was just wondering what your grades were and if you had done any retakes or things like that

Thanks for the statement

Thanks for the statement which is great. Have you started your course and where? I trained last year in yoga/mindfulness with neuroscience- yoga for the mind and am potentially interested in an Msc in neuroscience but have to go over A level biology. Are there any books you could recommend? All the best Nathalie

It really helps!

It really helps!
To write a PS so substantial, it is necessary for us to obtain a number of personal experiences such as volunteer work. It is through these experiences that we get a better understanding of ourselves and the career we would like to pursue in the future. I really hope I had read it earlier!

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