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I am applying for a place to study paramedic science/practise at your University because I have developed a great interest in that specific field of Health Science ever since I have volunteered at the Australian St. Johns Ambulance Service in Western Australia.

While assisting and shadowing the paramedics working there, I have gained a lot of experience in the everyday work in an emergency service. With this university degree I would like to further develop my knowledge and be able to become a Paramedic like my mentors, which have been teaching me much about this career as well as showing me what big of a difference one caring and understanding paramedic can make in any patients situation.

At the start of being a Volunteer Ambulance Officer everything could be very frightening. I do remember the first Priority One Call I answered to, like it was yesterday. Chest pain and difficulties to breath was what had appeared on our patient’s sheet in the Ambulance.

With more experience and great paramedics on my side I have learned to focus when it matters, to gain the required skills to assist in the best possible way and to conquer the fear of failure in these situations.

I am very grateful that I was able to make those frontline experiences in the ambulance, as they have made me realise that the job paramedics do is very hard and can be draining, but also very rewarding.

A very good example for me is a situation with a young woman who was clearly frightened to come with us in the ambulance, but with compassion and sensible conversation I was able to make her feel more comfortable and open up to me. I was very happy I could do this for her.

One of my paramedic mentor has told me many times, that even though the medical skills are very important, the interpersonal skills are what makes a great paramedic. This I have learned to be true many times and want to follow through with his great example in my studies.

As it has been clear for me since my mid-teens that I want to have a career in the social and health section, I volunteered with 15 years of age for an organisation called Malteser. This German organisation supports aged people living at home, as well as people with disabilities and answers to emergency calls.

Volunteering for this organisation was the great opportunity for me, to get to know different roles of Health and social workers. I personally was stationed in a home for people with disabilities, in which I learned how to care and support the people living there. I went there after school once or twice a week for about three hours at the time.

In my year there I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned very much about different disabilities and how to support each individual as well as how to take responsibility for someone else.

After this one year I made my first experiences in the emergency service. Within the same Organisation I volunteered in their Ambulance Service. It was a very valuable time for me, as I learned to appreciate Teamwork in hard and difficult situations, gained some first medical skills and found my own passion for being a paramedic.

To go to Australia after school was one way for me to understand myself better and to further develop my passion and skills for becoming a paramedic. Through my work as a volunteer for St. John Ambulance and working for the Government funded Organisation Lifestyle Solutions, which supports people with disabilities within the community, I was able to become sure which career path is the right one for me.

While I very much enjoyed caring for the clients of Lifestyle Solutions, I knew that the emergency response is what I would like to peruse as a career. The fact that no day, no hour and no call is like the other, that you never really know what scene is expecting you, excites me and keeps me going like in no other job I have worked in my life so far.

I loved the variety of people that we had in our Ambulance, loved listening to them and treating them in the best possible way. When I was coming home after the 12 to 14 hour day- or night shifts, I was clearly tired, but also so very satisfied, as I had the feeling that I had done something very important with my day. I was able to make a difference.

With this attitude and the experience I would like to study at your university. In the past three and a half years in Australia I have learned to set myself realistic goals, to work on them with determination and to succeed in the best possible way. Moving all by myself to a country across the globe and living there, made me not just independent and self-reliant, but also open to new cultures and new experiences.

This leaves me confident that I will be able to succeed in my ambition to study paramedic science /practise in the UK.

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Hope this example can assist a few of you in writing their own :)
would absolutely love some feedback. I haven't submitted my application yet.

Good luck everyone with your applications and studies.


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