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Pursuing a career in the physiotherapy industry has been my major aspiration since a young age. This degree maintains a combination of sport and science, which makes it suitable for me, as I have a huge passion for both learning areas. Furthermore, being an energetic individual the practical approach to science has been hugely appealing to me.

Another significant reason for me choosing a physiotherapy degree is because I generally like to encourage good health and fitness. In addition to this, my flexibility enables me to adapt to different situations. I believe this is critically important as during the day of a physiotherapist they will need to adapt to the different patients needs. Excellent communication skills is what is required in a degree such as this and I believe I posses this in huge quantities.

Furthermore, I also believe that this flexibility offers me the chance to fully adapt to the frantic university environment. Moreover, my deep love for science has always acted as a foundation for my constant pursue of a physiotherapy degree.

During this year I attended the 2008 British athlete league (BAL), which was held at Windsor. Furthermore this was a hugely prestigious event, which only allowed the elite athletes to participate at the event. The physiotherapists who worked at the event came from different regions of the country in order to assist the athletes.

One of the main pieces of knowledge that I had obtained from this experience was that the elite physiotherapist had to purchase their own equipment in order for them to provide an excellent and efficient service. In addition to this, my experience on this day also taught me how to perform strokes such as; effulge stroke, longitudinal needing, transverse needing and I became familiar with key words used in the physiotherapist industry such as tappomoe, hacking, trigger pointing, muscle energy techniques, PNF, neural tensioning and ACL.

In order to further my experience, I studied through a book called Clinical sports medicine. The book contained a variety of information useful for physiotherapists such as, acute injuries and overuse injuries which where topics that were highlighted mainly in the book.

Additionally, I had further work experience in the radiography departments in both hospitals and clinics. I believe the experience I gained gave me a glimpse of the radiography side in the physiotherapy industry. This benefits me as it opens my options in the physiotherapy industry. During this year I was selected to be on the sports bursary scheme, which then enabled me to have further my work experience.

My high quantity of motivation levels, has allowed me to achieve a variety of qualifications and awards. This year I was awarded the 'Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA)'. The course required completing a set of hours of voluntary work.

I have successfully completed fifty-one hours of voluntary work, which has awarded me a bronze certificate in volunteering work. The hours included organising and leading community sports events for different local schools. One of the events I organised was at a special needs school. This now enabled me to further develop my communication skills.

In my spare time, I like to be energetic and spontaneous by playing outdoor activities such as football and hockey. In both these sport I have represented them at district level. Furthermore, I am currently playing semi-pro football for Manford Way Football Club.

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This personal statement was written by Genaral for application in 2009.

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"One of the main Knowledge"

"One of the main Knowledge"

That doesn't make a lot of sense. Knowledge doesn't need a capital either. Try: I obtained a lot of knowledge, including ...


'My high quantity of motivation levels' sounds very wordy, you could instead say 'My high level of motivation' or 'being highly motivated...' There seems to be a lot of summary of events in your statement rather than things about yourself, and you should keep in mind that those you're applying to know a great deal more than the things you've included to impress them with. You could replace some of your 'futhermores' with 'in addition to this' or 'moreover'and in some instances you can cut it out completely. Hope that helps!


I am so grateful for your post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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