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The time I have spent on the BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies has been informative, challenging and enjoyable. During this course I have particularly enjoyed the modules on Psychology, Equality, Diversity and Rights and Microbiology. Undertaking this course has prepared me for the academic challenges, which I may face in university life.

I have decided to apply for cultural Studies and sociology, Criminology and Contemporary culture, Medical and Environmental Microbiology and sociology. I have made these choices as I have a passionate interest for these subjects. Through my BTEC I have been given the chance to touch on these subjects and also before applying I researched the courses by going online and contacting a careers advisor, and I would like very much to study one of them to degree level.

During the BTEC course I have earned my key skills certificates and a food hygiene certificate and have also undertaken a number of work placements. These placements have allowed me to observe the type of work involved within various caring professions.

During my time on work placement I have undertaken work experience at *** ***** County Primary School, *** **** Residential Home and I have also spent time at the ******* Hospital Childrens Centre and ***** Ward, which is situated in the ******* Hospital I have also had experience with the District nurses.

These placements have given me good people skills and communication skills, they have also given me self-confidence. I also used to work voluntarily in the Caf in the ******* Hospital, which I enjoyed very much as I got on with the other employees very well.

I am currently working for an employment agency at various places, mainly factories as a production operator.

I am currently unsure about my future career and am hoping my time on the course will help me to decide what I ultimately do.

I am a good listener, independent, organised and self disciplined which should prove invaluable preparation for life at university.

I enjoy socialising with my friends and meeting new people. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music but I am particularly interested in rock, acoustic and indie music. I like watching films; I also am currently learning to play the bass guitar.

Earlier this year I started a nursing course but found it was not for me, as I realised my interests lie in sociology and cultural related studies, although I feel the time I spent on the course showed me what university life is really like and I feel I gained a lot from the experience.

I feel that BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies has helped to prepare me for university life and skills required for the course and hope you will look favourably upon my application.

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I think you've got way too

I think you've got way too many short paragraphs, too many sentences begin with "I", and mentioning that you've applied to a range of courses doesn't really show much commitment to a certain area, does it?

I wrote this statement for a

I wrote this statement for a foundation year to progress to the degree of my choice and all offers were unconditional.


thanks for your help but this has not help me in anyway to write a excellent paper

Alright, but too brief

Alright, but too brief


thanks allot this personal statement help me allot on how to write my own. i wouldn't know what i would do with out again hanx allot...


basing your personal statement to others i think you have too many paragraphs just like what someone else have mentioned before and also i think you will egt confused with courses you have chosen there but i hope you get through all of them.

I would like to say that the

I would like to say that the personal statement is one of the hardest things a person will ever write. Only an educated person will be able to write an excellent essay. This is a good statement, but be sure to always ask for opinions from professors/writing labs.


I think that this is quite a good personal statement and has helped me to plan mine and what to include. As for those who say that it is stared with "I" too is a PERSONAL statement!

Thank you
Great effort
and good luch for the future

The statement is fine.

The statement is fine. Perhaps a little simple but to the point. What worried me though is the messages. They were go poor in terms of grammar and spelling. Please be careful with your own statements to avoid this.

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