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I have chosen to study Paramedic Science as I am eager to provide care and support to those in need and I have a passion for helping people. Becoming a Paramedic is something I am very passionate about. I have come to admire and respect the work that paramedics do, especially since becoming a health care assistant and witnessing the work they carry out first-hand. I thrive in new and challenging situations and look forward to experiencing new scenarios every day.

Respecting and accepting differences in people and acknowledging the importance of equality and diversity is important for health care professionals. Working in the care industry has demonstrated to me that I have the necessary skills to be an excellent paramedic. I am a forward thinking individual and believe that professional development and setting goals is important to motivate and drive my ambition to become a paramedic. I am an ambitious individual and after completing the Paramedic Science degree I have an ambition to work as an air ambulance paramedic.

I am a conscientious and compassionate person. I am well versed in dealing with, assisting, and managing people who have a wide variety of needs. I am a caring person and ensure I always treat people with dignity. I can adjust my approach and the care given to suit the situation at hand. I am bilingual, being fluent in both Welsh and English. I am an extremely motivated and hardworking individual. 4-

I have excellent communication skills and have the ability to empathise appropriately, making sure that I am always respectful and considerate to others. I am an approachable and friendly person. I have the ability to create strong effective working relationships. I understand the importance of working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and the role that clear and effective communication plays in ensuring best practice is provided. Significantly, in my recent work as a health care assistant I have learned how to compartmentalise and how important it is to separate personal feelings from the workplace and keep a calm mindset, whilst remaining professional yet approachable.

Currently, I am studying an Access to Health Care diploma at NPTC Group’s Neath campus. I have chosen to study this course as it is specifically designed for those wishing to pursue a career in the health care industry. This course covers a wide range of topics such as psychology and anatomy and physiology.

I have studied Abnormal Psychology, which has given me an in depth understanding of the causes and effects of mental health such as bipolar and depression. As a result of studying Anatomy and Physiology, I have gained a greater understanding of the human body and its functions. This course is providing me with the necessary skills needed to continue my studies at university level and become a successful paramedic.

I pride myself on being an open minded individual with a keen interest in learning about other languages and traditions through traveling and experiencing other cultures. I consider myself a confident person who enjoys socialising with a wide range of people. To relax, I enjoy going on bike rides with my friends and hiking local mountains and trails as I find this helps clear my mind and organise my thoughts. I'm also an avid gamer, I enjoy both the competitive aspects of the game, as well as the problem-solving aspects. I will make an excellent addition to your university and in the near future, an exceptional paramedic.

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I'm applying for universities soon, any feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you :)


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