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My life has been overshadowed with caring for people and a healthy living. Ever since I was a child my mother always instilled in me the importance of health and caring for my younger sisters and brothers.

From a very young age I wanted to go into health care, as that is the one profession where I always believed I would excel, owing to my love of caring for people and the satisfaction of being able to help those in need.

There are many health professions in this world. Why then did I choose occupational therapy? Well firstly I love the one to one contact that you have with your patients. Were you must understand their needs and find their talents and then help them in doing their hardest to make it grow.

My main reason however is that I believe that you can not reach your maximum in life, live life to the fullest if you do not know your talents. Some people's talents may be more dominant than others, but in the end if we look hard enough, we can all find that hidden power inside ourselves, the thing that makes us unique from the billons of people on this earth and gives us the power to reach our goals in life.

I had experience with teaching two children that both had varying cases of attention deficit disorder. I would sit and talk to them and then devised two different ways of teaching Arabic to both of them that I found very effective. I got far with them and both their families and I were very happy with their progress.

I have faced a lot of discrimination trying to find work experience in a health institution, owing to the fact that I am not a local. My spirits were never dampened, quite the contrary it made me want to fight harder to get what I wanted to do.

After much searching doctor Anwar Jehan kindly allowed me to shadow her in her gynecologist clinic. She let me watch and help while she looked after her patients. I loved to watch the patients of varying ages and think of ways that I could help or talk to the doctor after about there various complications.

I am also excited because I found work in the institution for Down syndrome children in Riyadh which they told me I will be able to start in a couple weeks time.

I am an independent student and self taught myself, biology, English, Islamic studies, chemistry and English literature, with slight help with the two latter a month before the exam, as having a tutor to help me through all these subjects was financially impossible.

I also did my igcse's on a part time basis owing that I was studying full time in Arabic school, which graduated from at the end of last year. I therefore have a year to dedicate to my A levels which I hope will be fruitful. I have also been chosen as the exemplary student of the year for my last four years in school, and helped to translate the school magazine from Arabic to English.

I have a great many hobbies that included playing badminton, cooking, swimming and reading classic stories and poems in both Arabic and English. I also love different languages and hope to learn many more in the next few years.

I always try to keep my life balanced between my studies and recreation, as I believe that a good mind needs a good body and that can only be enhanced through a good life and healthy living.

Your skills and hobbies are one of the things that puts all the beauty in life. We must balance that scale so that we can reach our full potential and then we will be able to help others as well as ourselves.

I hope that I have balanced my scale well enough to be able to help myself and if honored by being chosen to study in your university I will do all in my power to help balance out the people who put their well being into my hand. To make them see the power that they own, this beautiful picture that they have been put into, that becomes more colorful and detailed every day, their lives.

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This personal statement was written by ace_justncase for application in 2006.


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I think the word

I think the word 'overshadowed' in the 1st sentance is inappropriate - suggests the person who wrote this was forced to do the caring...!

..and it should be 'sentence'

..and it should be 'sentence'..oops!

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