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My fascination with Science was established during my time at college where I studied Health Studies. I have always had an enthusiastic interest in science based subjects, specifically Physiology. Studying the subject as part of my Health Studies course has made me comprehend that the life of Science is what I want to be a part of. My interests in the natural world and the study of science have motivated me to take it to a sophisticated level and further my understanding. Studying Science at college has given me a good foundation of skills and knowledge which I will bring to studying Physiology in University. I believe that the course will facilitate me to elaborate the scientific skills needed to endow me with the depth of understanding in order to be a professional Clinical Physiologist.

Physiology is the science that is concerned with the functioning of organisms, cells and of the living matter. I believe that it is crucial to society as it is the foundation upon which we build our knowledge of what life is and how to treat various diseases and illnesses. It also gives people an understanding of how to manage with stresses imposed upon our bodies by modernistic environments. From the study of Physiology we have learnt that illnesses such as Diabetes are where there is a lack of glucose in fat and muscle cells. Despite this, Physiologists have not yet found a long term cure however are still pursuing short term treatments such as receiving doses of insulin. Therefore by advancing my knowledge at university I am determined to play my part in finding a long term cure by carrying out thorough researches and carefully analysing the effects of the interaction of antidote and cells.

I have taken up opportunities to voluntarily work at well established organisations such as a care home, children's centre and also a private nursery. Such work placements have facilitated me with exceptional communication skills, both professionally and personally. By having hands on experience in the healthcare sector I enhanced my scientific skills and enjoyed studying and evaluating information related to patients health. Work placements have developed me into being more self-assured, independent and responsible. Having the prospect to work with some people that had physiological disorders such as Diabetes, Arthritis and have suffered from Cancer previously, has given me an additional understanding of Physiology and how a person's life is affected by an illness or disease.

I have an intense interest on travelling, reading non-fiction books, and learning to speak and write Arabic. Arabic is a culture that has fascinated me throughout the years. I have taken a keen curiosity in the culture and have learned to read Arabic and also have completed innumerable researches into it. This has amplified my knowledge on the culture and has assisted me to comprehend it in additional depth. As I speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, and also have some knowledge about Arabic, I believe I can further my future career in physiology by interacting with people from different cultures. I have also enjoyed a variety of activities from countryside walks to organising family reunions. Organising such events has made me the confident and trust worthy person that I am. It has enhanced my self esteem and aided me to socialise with friends, family and new people.

Studying at University has always been an ambition of mine as it has a wealth of experiences to offer students. I believe that Clinical Physiologists have a vital role to play in our understanding and treatment of disease. I feel my determination to participate on the physiology degree will advance my scientific knowledge and skills to secure a career that will be advantageous to me and positively affect society. I am a mature and motivated student and I certainly wish to excel in education.

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This personal statement was written by zara786 for application in 2011.

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please leave feedback and tell me what you think. I will improve it if suggestions are made. Thanks :) btw this statement is for a foundation year in biology/physiology


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wow this statement is really

wow this statement is really good i want to become a clinical . physiologist to. what unis hav u applied 2


Hi I Applied for Physiology/Biology FOundation year at Manchester Met, Salford Uni And also Leeds Met. Only got an offer from Salford Yet :(

really really good!

This personal statement is interesting and engaging. I really like it. I want to do a similar course to yours and am finding it really hard to make my personal statement interesting, as at the moment it is really dull and boring. Thanks for yours though you've given me some ideas-dont worry am not gonna copy =P

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