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Nutrition personal statement

I have always found anything to do with science fascinating from a very young age. My father
being a medical doctor and my mother a nurse, I have grown to appreciate how medical science
can be applied to help sustain life in general. However, my desire is to take that further by
developing skills that can help integrate science and the general public together as I have
realized the ever growing importance of nutrition, as my goal is to pursue a career as a
nutritionist. There is more demand now than ever for people to learn the effects and functions
of food due to an increased rise in illnesses that are linked to food, for example, obesity,
anorexia, diabetes, malnutrition and many more. I believe as a nutritionist I will be required
to educate and advise the public about food and create suitable dietary information for
different groups of people and also to provide concrete scientific explanation which is just
one out of countless reasons that drove me towards studying as a nutritionist.
The idea of going into a profession that requires constant development in technicalities,
approaches and personalities with a global outreach is a burning desire. Hopefully, I will be
able to help countries in developing or underdeveloped economies with my skills.
My preparation for a lifetime career as a nutritionist is on going. From my understanding so
far about nutrition, it is mostly about giving comprehensive patient care. The skills of the
nutritionist are crucial to modern medicine. At A level, I developed a number of portfolios
that were research based. One of the portfolios was on food technology and another was
planning and carrying out a scientific investigation. In these units, things I did were to
find out the effects of cooking and drying on vitamin C levels in food and designing a
vegetarian meal. Part of this research included using volumetric analysis with apparatus such
as burette, pipette, etc.
I have had some experience in the working world, which has enabled me to gain a wider
perspective of my education. Since May 2006, I have been employed with Southern Cross care
homes (The largest care company in Britain)as a health care assistant for the elerly and I
have found it a very worthwhile experience and as a result I matured a great deal. As part of
my community service, I was fortunate to be involved in a scheme in which I was able to help a
younger student in year seven with mathematics and science. I gained patience and good
listening skills, tools that are valuable in studying nutrition. I have also participated in a
number of school based quizzes in my early stages of secondary education whilst back in
I was born in Ashford, Middlesex in England- four months before my father completed his 5 year
post graduate studies in the UK and returned to Zambia. Ever since going to Zambia, I attended
Tatenda early learning trust school, Chipembi girls secondary school and Thornhill boarding
school in Zambia. This is where I attained Primary Leaving and junior secondary school leaving
Certificates. I returned to the UK in October 2004 and continued with my education at Cheney
school in Oxford.
I enjoy talking to people, making friends, reading, cycling, theatre, music and plays. I am a
very committed and hard working person and therefore believe that University is the ideal
place for me to extend my education as I am confident that I will meet the demands made by
studying nutrition at degree level.
I feel ecstatic about going to University as I believe it will be an amazing experience for
me, both educationally and socially. I can only now thank you in anticipation and only hope
you will consider me as a prospective student at your university in September 2008.

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This personal statement was written by soulchick for application in 2008.


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not 2 bad

The schools mentioned here

The schools mentioned here are in Zimbabwe not Zambia.

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