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For me, the Human brain and behaviour have always been late night brooding topics. I spent a major part of the night contemplating the chain of events that occur in our brain before we act, speak, or do something. From a pretty mature age, my passion to analyse behaviour and then predicting actions only grew. Researching a few of my ideas and reading various articles helped me get through those nights. The conclusion that I could draw from my exploration is that I have a lot to learn from the subject, Psychology, and I am very keen on doing so.

One of the many uses of my research was to justify some customs like ‘sati’-an act of burning the wife with her dead husband-with a spiritual reason that the couple would be together in their afterlife as they’re meant to be, but it didn’t quite persuade me. Then I landed upon Milgram’s experiment on obedience to authority figures, which I correlated to the acts of sati and found my explanation. The more realistic explanation was that the situation they were in influenced them and caused them to behave in a certain. This made me realise that finding genuine reasons for orthodox practises like this would help save hundreds that are bound to them.

I've always found the human brain to be the most fascinating portion of the body, which explains my inclination towards cognitive psychology. Assessing the processes that link the brain and behaviour together would be an exciting aspect to study further in psychology. My interest in neuropsychology and cognitive psychology was piqued by how closely these fields are related to psychiatric disorders. Their ability to help decide a course of treatment, prognosis, and the factors leading to this ailment is quite fascinating to me.
My internships were some good opportunities that gave me clear insight on what to anticipate from this field. I did a 16-day internship at Connect Clinic, a school for slow learners, where I assisted a psychologist in designing and conducting activities for the students. Even the 5-day internship with Fortis mental health programme taught me valuable lessons.

Apart from being an admirer of psychology, I am a very driven student who works hard to succeed at school in both academics and extracurriculars. Sports is another forte I excel at; I have been a professional badminton player for the past five years and have won numerous regional competitions at my coaching facility. I was the school's vice-captain for a year, which allowed me to demonstrate my strong leadership abilities. I have performed my duties on countless occasions by planning events to leading my house in the annual sports competitions at my school.

I am a certified Mensan as well. Mensa is a group of high IQ students, and I have attended several of their ecotours and participated in their nurturing sessions. Helping the people in need, feels essential to me. Thus, I am an active member of the prestigious charitable organisation, Intellect Dnyan and Aadhar foundation. Fulfilling my humanitarian endeavours in ways like organising health check-up camps, encouraging menstrual hygiene in rural regions, or even helping to plan a mask and sanitizer drive for police officers in my city in the beginning of the pandemic, is quite exhilarating. In 2022, I decided to record my philanthropies by blogging my experience under the title ‘Connecting…the…dots’.

As someone with strong work ethics, I will never miss any opportunities to extend my knowledge further, like attending seminars, undertaking projects, and reading around the subject, in addition to working hard inside the classroom. The genuine passion that I have for psychology and the course you provide will help me broaden my knowledge, deepen my understanding and feed my curiosity. I am a very determined candidate who is eager to study Psychology. The prospect of studying this subject at your esteemed university excites me greatly.

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