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As a person with dyslexia, has made me want to further understanding the way this disability works and the affects of nature and nurture have. While many people may consider dyslexia as a hindrance, I believe knowledge for this subject it has made me yearn for more to understand and better.

Being diagnosed late as having dyslexia, affected my studies in the extent that I initially picked topics not suitable to my learning needs.

Since then, I am doing a course that challenges me, but is suited to my learning technique. The child care course is mainly based around developmental psychology and also has work experience which allows me to put theory into practice which we have learnt during our lectures and put into the fields works.

This child care course syllabus, as well as my learning difficulty is what as established my commitment to psychology, and encouraged me further to expand and question my understanding of the subject.

It was the range of cognitive and developmental thought I have discovered, in John Bowlby's experiment and theories also Jean Piaget's experiments for instance, which as made me curious and intrigued and has helped me further develop myself and learning abilities.

This further lead me in conjunction with my course, apply these methodologies while I worked in work placement with young children.

Seeing the application of the theories I studied in practice filled me with a greater sense of achievement.

I enjoy participating in drama plays as part of the drama clubs at college, having an influential part in setting up plays last year.

Having an in sight on characters and getting into their mind frame. Keeping fit which I see has an important key element to my health both mental and physical.

Socialising with others which gives satisfaction as this gives me confidence to put my views across.

As I am member of the student council I feel that socialising has helped me to be able to fulfill this role as it involves me meeting new people, putting my voice across for myself and other people.

Something which I have a belief in is that we all can make a different in the world that we live in by helping others. I am happy to have the opportunity to take part and give money to charity as well as playing my part in raising money for different organization from British Red Cross to Aids.

With my remaining free time, it goes into working as a sales assistant. By working in this industry it has broadened my interpersonal skills and it has also taught me to work with a range of different situations as well as working under pressure.

I feel this university can offer me sound and good teaching basis, I am enthusiastic about this course and my work also willing to expand my knowledge, it would feed my curiosity and intensify my understanding.

My character is very determined and thoughtful and always willing to excel in all aspects of work and would this course that you offer highly inspiring. That I have potential to be an asset to this university both to my fellow peers and the lecturers who I will cross paths with.

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This personal statement was written by missydumi for application in 2008.

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I want this personal statement to stand out from the others people who are applying for psychology and those students who did A levels. For I did a BTEC NAtional Diploma child care course. I want Universities to look at mine and say I want her on this course. It took me a while to make it personal, to stand also to express myself and explain why I want this course. Tell me if it reads well and if you read this would you take accept me.


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overall well written. but you

overall well written. but you have some gramatical errors. it's important to sound original - which you achieve. however try to bring in your passion for the subject slightly more.
well done

good, but the opening is the

good, but the opening is the most impptant part and your first sentence doesnt make sense !!!

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