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The foundations to a person's mind are based on the principals both intstiled into and gathered from experiences as a child.

As children grow older, they soon start interpreting this information to decide for themselves which of their actions are right and wrong.

What draws me to study Psychology is this mental processing, and how it affects a person's current and future disposition.

I am particularly interested in child psychology, because it is at this stage when a person's personal identity begins to build up, as children are easily influenced by their environment and what they learn from experiences, they carry their entire lives.

Studying human psychology was always a great passion for me, and certain many factors have developed my love for the subject.

At the age of 11, I often took on the responsibility of watching over my young nephews, one of whom has autism.

This allowed me to observe their behaviour, and notice the irregularity of autism. It wasn't long before I found myself mentally noting down every action of the autistic child and figuring out a way to interact with him using the information I had gathered.

My yearning to study the mental processing of children further grew when I volunteered to teach a class of infants.

There was a language barrier between the children and I, and I found it fascinating how their young minds were still able to convey their thoughts through actions, and thereby breaking through that barrier.

The student thesis 'Human Evolutionary Psychology and Animal Behaviour' by Martin Daly and Margo I. Wilson of McMasters Univeristy has also captured my interest, and I aspire to be able to accomplish something comparable in terms of Child Psychology.

I am currently studying Mathematics, Biology, and English language for my A levels. Calculus is of particular interest to me because of how several methods can produce the same result.

Relating this to Psychology, I find that there are several actions that bring about a single reaction in an indvidual.

Studying Biology has honed my ability to experiment and assess, and to notice the symptoms of many disorders. The subject has enlightened me on how the physical body works, and I am now curious to understand how the body's psyche works.

English language is developing my verbal and written language skills, which I know are greatly essential for my chosen course, and whatever path it leads me to.

My spare time is filled with light reading into subjects that interest me, and I have developed some knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Although certain circumstances don't allow me to go out very often, I am quite athletic, taking part in outdoor sports that range from basketball to skateboarding.

I am also fond of travelling for I am greatly interested in different cultures and traditions, and what significant roles they play on an individual's psyche.

As a reliable and hard-working individual, I believe I can make a worthy contribution, and perhaps more so, during my years at the university. I am very passionate about psychology, and would eventually like to pursue a career in the field.

As someone who plays many roles in observation, it would deeply satisfy me to be able to devote myself into something that can better the mutual understanding between people's behaviour and perhaps promote a better society.

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This personal statement was written by lizbt for application in 2008.


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hullo, i know its silly that

hullo, i know its silly that i comment my own PS but i want to ask the readers if this is good enough? and if not, what do i need to improve? thanks bunches.

This is very good...i think

This is very good...i think that the fact that you have related the subject to you personally will set you apart from other candidates and shows a unique understanding. One critisciam though...i'd run it through word for a spelling and grammar check and also maybe,structure the text so its not just one big block as it will be much more appealing to read. Other than that, i thought it was really good.

This makes my personal

This makes my personal statement look like crap compared to yours =)

Just leave a gap inpertween your paragraphs though so its easier to read.

What uni have you applied for?

Nice work anyway and best of luck you should be fine =) x

very good

this is very good as it shows yr passion for the subject ver well.
what uni's did u apply for?

It's a bit messy.

It's a bit messy.
Paragraph your work and it will look more readable.
Content is great though, goodluck.

Psychology Graduate

This is a brilliant psychology personal statement. Very relevant. I hope you were successful in getting a place on your course :)

i love this

It's spelled "Instilled".

It's spelled "Instilled".

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