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Keeping up to date with world news online, aroused my interest in psychology . I was particularly captivated by the articles about abnormal behaviour such as self-harm; one of the reasons for this being the alarming rise in the number of victims over the years, which made me curious about its causes .

Considering this I am willing to learn more about the broad field of psychology, and especially the possible factors which have contributed to this increase in abnormal behaviour .

My yearning to study psychology further grew when I read ''Schizophrenia Revealed: From Neurons to Social Interactions''.

What intrigued me about this disorder was the way it affects mental processes and how that impacts the life of an individual . As a result of that, I became interested in psychological treatments and in the future I am hoping to be able to offer help to those suffering from incurable disorders, in order for them to function as best as they can.

However, I am eager to explore other areas of psychology and for this purpose I watched various online lectures about social, biological and cognitive psychology which provided me with valuable information I would not have learned at A-level .

Active participation in school community has been rewarding as well . During free periods I have tutored students for Spanish and English, where I used my knowledge about cognitive psychology to support them in their learning .

In other words, I taught them to use memory improvement techniques which suit their learning style, in order to enhance their capacity to recall words and develop vocabulary.

My favourite module in psychology was 'Individual Differences' because the psychological models gave distinct answers to the same question, hence I was able to see abnormality through a prism, and found the most interesting models to be the cognitive and biological due to their scientific basis .

However, the activity I enjoyed the most was conducting a correlational study, within school, into stress and happiness, since I was eager to put into practice everything I have learned about research methods .

This research has also enabled me to use the knowledge I gained from studying mathematics, where sketching complex graphs and interpreting data was my favourite activity because I had the chance to apply the information in real life context . I found a moderate negative correlation, although the sample used, was very small .

This made me wonder if the stress of students is influenced by teachers' expectations and led me to a deeper interest in the self-fulfilling prophecy I have been studying in sociology and especially the impact it has on the self determination of a child . In my opinion another factor contributing to self-development is culture.

Because of that, I enjoyed Spanish where I developed an understanding of the cultural norms of the country and the way they impact social issues such as racism .

To relax I prefer activities such as rock climbing, but I also try to get involved in skills development activities .

This year, during the autumn half term I have taken part in the National Citizen Service programme, which has been a constructive experience as I was given the opportunity to contribute to the local community by organising a charity event which helped me challenge myself to interact with new people and develop skills such as leadership and teamwork.

Studying psychology in more depth and gaining knowledge of this diverse field is what I am aiming to achieve at undergraduate level .

I have faith this degree is going to challenge me intellectually and develop the skills I need in order to pursue a career in psychology therefore, I am looking forward to the university experience and the obstacles I will come across socially as well as academically .

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hey! this is my personal statement , I worked a lot on it ,even though it may not seem very impressive, but I'm happy how it came out because I feel it represents me . Good luck to those who started making their personal statements, it may take you an hour or it might as well take you 3 months (like in my case), but just in case ,I would advice you to start early ;)


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