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It is no mystery that people have different likes, attitudes, capabilities, and attributes; enabling everyone to be particularly talented in a specific field, my question, however, is why? What makes my mind different from yours, and how did they come about to being different?.

My never resting inquisitive mind has made me ask a lot of what I thought were unanswerable questions, from asking my mum at the age of five why everyone's face was unique even though we all had the same facial components, to now questioning everything around me, analysing any individual I come across, I even find myself analysing the behaviours of fictional characters while watching movies.

It is in this way that I actively apply the invaluable knowledge gained throughout my college years, from the enthralling theories I've learnt in the classroom to ones I have read about in my spare time.

Child psychology is a particularly strong interest of mine; hence the reason behind why I took a work experience placement as a teaching assistant for a reception class in a local primary school. The warm welcome I received from the children made this experience all the more rewarding for me, and it was here where my desire for helping the youngest of our society grew, assuring me that this was indeed my calling.

During my placement I found myself doing research into developmental theories and also play therapy such as that referenced in my favourite book, ‘Dibs in Search of Self’. All of which opened up a world of fascinating knowledge unknown to me before, making my love for this particular field grow even further.

This experience allowed me to both observe and interact with the children; allowing me to monitor their relationships with one another, and how they adapted into accepting me, as part of their school community for a short period of time. Often being employed as a child-minder has also allowed me to observe their behavioural patterns in a naturalistic environment more closely.

While at college, I desired to undertake a more active role within the community, which along with my inclination to empower individuals to lead better lives, led me to enrol in my college’s Age UK computer training course, where my task was to teach elderly students in a simplistic manner how to get around a computer.

During this course I gained valuable social and communication skills, thereby allowing me to become a reliable member of the college community.

This led me to participate in a new psychology tutoring scheme. As a tutor, my role was to attend to the needs of the younger students and to offer them full support.

This role required patience, compassion, and a willingness to help and motivate others leading them achieve to their full potential.

Moreover, I am constantly developing new skills as a result of having a busy schedule balancing; studies, work life, and keeping fit, involving essential timekeeping and organisational skills, as I believe an unproductive day is a wasted day.

Although individual work is almost second nature, I find teamwork to be a strongpoint, due to my job at a restaurant, which involves a great deal of cooperation, whilst working under pressure to complete assorted tasks.

I personally believe that one of my greatest achievements was singlehandedly teaching myself to fluently speak English within six months at the age of ten, which serves as evidence of my eagerness to; learn, be independent, succeed, along with a strong determination to achieve my best and dedication to all work I undertake.

It is because of the widespread belief that our adult lives are shaped by our childhood experiences, that I would love to make a positive contribution to this field; even more so as children and adolescents now face ever-growing obstacles, as a result of the rapidly advancing modern society we live in today.

It is for this reason that I yearn to study psychology in as much depth as possible, which I aspire will eventually lead me to pursue a career in this field.

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