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Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I was shocked to see not one person stopped to help me. Didn’t anyone care enough to help?

If it weren’t for the science of psychology, this and so many other questions about human behaviour would go unanswered. I find the insights psychology gives into human behaviour very exciting, and have been fascinated by it for a long time.

Working in the Child Protection Unit of Cumbria Social Services has further fuelled my interest; every day I see aspects of human behaviour that could have come straight from a psychology textbook.

It is psychology brought to life, and has made me realise more than ever how much I want to move my interest in psychology from my hobby to my career.

I believe that combined with my enthusiasm for the subject, the skills I have learned through my past work experience and part time study will make me an ideal candidate for studying Psychology. My employment has taught me many transferable skills, including excellent levels of concentration and great organisational skills.

I also feel my experience of dealing with the public and colleagues will prove invaluable in a people centred discipline such as Psychology.

Over the past few years whilst working during the day I have also studied at evening classes for A Levels. Studying part time has taught me excellent study skills, as much of my study has been self-directed.

It was very challenging to study part-time, however I was utterly determined to complete each A Level, and I would apply this same determination to completing a degree to the very best of my ability.

When I am not filling my spare time with studying, I enjoy taking advantage of the benefits of living in the Lake District, going fell walking, and keeping fit in the gym.

I also love to entertain, and recently held a highly successful ‘superheroes and villains’ themed fancy dress party; as well as being fun it was fascinating to watch how people’s behaviour changes when they have a mask on!

Since deciding to apply to University I have started to undertake further study to prepare me for undergraduate study; I am currently halfway through an Open University ‘Openings’ Course, and have enrolled for an Access to Higher Education Course in Social Sciences, my tutors for which have assured me that due to my previous A Level studies I will be able to complete successfully without a problem.

I feel that I would be able to make a valuable contribution during my degree, and perhaps even more importantly, as I have worked so hard to get to this point, I would remain committed to studying because it means so much to me.

After my degree I would like to go on to do further study and perhaps undertake training to become a psychologist.

I am passionate about studying psychology, and looking forward to extending my knowledge in this exciting discipline, and contributing to it in the future.

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This personal statement was written by Chocoholic for application in 2005.

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University of Leeds

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I am a mature student so found writing this extremely difficult! Had no teachers to help me so just had to do my best on my own - fingers crossed now.


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Ypur personal statment left

Ypur personal statment left me wanting to find out more and kept me reading. After reading lots of personal statments I find this an important factor.

really really good. good

really really good. good opening!

I enjoyed this statement a

I enjoyed this statement a lot to be honest, and i can empathise with many of these obserrvations of behaviour- especially the heroes and villains part! i think the opening may have been a bit direct and personal, even for a personal statement, yet all the same I thought it was a highly cogent and articulate piece! nice one!

your opening is gud but your

your opening is gud but your end is too personal

I love your opening. The

I love your opening. The first reaction for the reader is to be shocked by it (car crash...oh my!) but you relate it to your subject without sounding like you're playing for the sympathy vote. Very clever!

I really enjoyed reading your

I really enjoyed reading your personal statement and hope it will work for you. it's very personal but also includes all the necessary info required. well done!

must a very simple yet

must a very simple yet powerful personal statment ,it kept me going to the end

well done, that was a really

well done, that was a really good statement....the start was catchy as well as honest! as most people woudlt stop in an accident... keep up the good work....

i like how u linked the car

i like how u linked the car accident with psychology.. very clever and attention grabbing.

think im repeating what some

think im repeating what some people have said before, ur opening paragraph will make the uni entry commission sympathetic.......luck u!!

Really gud personal statement

Really gud personal statement, v. good use of the english lang!


Your opening is wayyyyyyyyyyy to personal,i think you needed to get someone to proof read your statement before submitting it.

A very good opening,

A very good opening, especially since its something new and different from the old and boring ones.

And i have to credit you on making a psychological link between the two, really nice.

Good luck.

P.S. ingore the haters.


I really liked the opening. You showed why this subject was important to you. I think something as personal as the car crash shows why you would be more dedicated than someone with just a casual interest. I did wonder why you mentioned your fancy dress party, but liked how you were even noticing behavioural changes then, showing it's always something that's on your mind.

I really like this. Ignore

I really like this. Ignore the people who say your opening is bad, it's very original. It's refreshing to read something that doesn't start with "I've always been interested in psychology...". And it's helped me to focus my own personal statement, so thank you for that. Good luck to you.

Reply from Chocoholic

Thanks for all your comments everyone. Just thought I'd let you know how I got on - as a mature student, after submitting my UCAS form I had to go for an interview and write an essay for the admissions tutor...but a week after my interview I received an offer. I'm now in my 2nd year of the degree and loving it!

Don't be afraid of writing something a bit different in your personal statement - you need to stand out from the hundreds of applicants all with the same qualifications. Good luck to everyone currently applying to uni.


PS in case you were wondering, the car accident thing is true by the way!

Your opeing statement is

Your opeing statement is powerful, certainly got my interest and overall well done!!!

I found ur personal statment

I found ur personal statment perfect! the bigining is exelent and gets the readers attention. Great work!

I've been struggling to write

I've been struggling to write a personal statement of my own and have been looking at quite a few on the net. Yours is the only one to stand out as an original. As another mature student hoping to get into grad school, I am following your lead with a personal beginning and hope it distinguishes me from the hundreds of the young also applying.

Most of the statement was

Most of the statement was very good, but the opening only shows how you got interested in psychology. It doesn't say why the university should take you on their course.


i think this statement is brilliant reading this statement has really helped me as to what i need to write in my personal statement.thanx

to the person who said its

to the person who said its way too personal-you're wrong-that's the idea of a PERSONAL statement, its supposed to be PERSONAL!


This is the kind of PS i want to write... attention grabbing and different without sounding arrogant! Your opening was the best bit i think.. also nice to see you got in!

wow that was great. I've read

wow that was great. I've read a bunch of personal statements on the net recently and i think it was the only one i read from start to finish. the others I've got bored halfway through.
You deserved to get in. Well Done!!

alright miss 'i was in an

alright miss 'i was in an accident'. i personally have been in an accident, but i dont think the world really needs to know? you clearly couldnt think of anything better to write. ah well, your mistake!!!!!!!!

Brilliant, your personal

Brilliant, your personal statement definatly stood out especially the beginning, good opening! has made me think how I want to start mine now to make it different and stand out. Well done on getting in too!

thanks youve given me some

thanks youve given me some good ideas :)

i think your opening

i think your opening paragraph is great! Writing about the car accident which you experienced helped you to really pour out your feelings which is what Psychology is all about.

i think ur opening is too

i think ur opening is too personal, yes relevant to some point but personal dont involve too much of it, over all it is a very good one.


lucky you to have survived an accident and talk about it in your ps. Some of us have nothing to right about.
& to all you people out there who fink the opening was just a mistake....well obviously not!!!!! e must have done something right 2 get accepted in the uni!!!
Its an ok ps, nufn to get 2 exited bwt. At least u got in ;)


i rekn its ded gd ;)
u got in so well dun!
N i like opening sentance, i fink that conversational opening sentances r best as they grab ur attention, and obviousley grabbed all ur maners attention lol.

wow! i heard about this

wow! i heard about this statement from a friend. we both thought it was a really good statement and the first line definately got my attention




what's with the spelling

what's with the spelling errors. Thank you for allowing me to notice what others may when reading through.


The beginning of this statement makes me shudder, corny! next

good intro

I think it's important to really stamp your mark on the statement from the off, so such a personal introduction is a great way of moving into a more subject-based discussion.


This personal statment is really good =]
Did you get into uni with that personal statement?

<3 x

i thought your personal

i thought your personal statement was great! it really showed your passion for the subject and i loved the opening! well done!


I liked it overall but you should have reviwed it more for the spelling mistakes

I found the "mask" bit about

I found the "mask" bit about the party a bit tongue in cheek (like trying to milk it) but aside from that it was all very intriguing!

You've really helped me draft

You've really helped me draft my psychology statement, you deserved your place at Leeds and I hope you passed with good honours. I wish you all the luck in the world if you decide to become a professional psychologist. Your opening paragraph is captivating and I could not help but read on, it is a fresh and welcome change from constant 'I have always been interested in...' That's like the kiss of death!
Well done once again. :)

Excellent starting point for

Excellent starting point for my own personal statement.... As a mature student I also felt that it was important to let my personal experiences show through and feel that you have written a good example, thank you very much!

This statement is over

This statement is over dramatic and anyone could make that type of story up.

Very Good

I'm currently writing mine its not going too badly but i dont have the same experience as you do. Very pleased to see all these people saying youll never get in, even though your already in.

brilliant begining (if a

brilliant begining (if a little personal) great statment that drips confidence





3 Year old Congratulations

I thought this was a fantastic statement and hope the course was as good as you hoped for!

From someone also planning to enter the field of Psychology x

After reading some of the

After reading some of the comments relating to this personal staement I am highly surprised at the kind of people using this website...
'Why didn't you die in the car crash, is there a psychological reason'
I'm sincerely hoping that the author of this question is not actually in university studying psychology, and that their appearance on this website was merely a pathetic attempt to damage someones self image

Your personal statement is

Your personal statement is deffinately controversial in terms of your opening paragraph. It grabbed my attention staight away and i think you need to make yourself stand out over everyone else. Well done! Im glad you got accepted aswell.


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