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Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I was shocked to see not one person stopped to help me. Didn’t anyone care enough to help?

If it weren’t for the science of psychology, this and so many other questions about human behaviour would go unanswered. I find the insights psychology gives into human behaviour very exciting, and have been fascinated by it for a long time.

Working in the Child Protection Unit of Cumbria Social Services has further fuelled my interest; every day I see aspects of human behaviour that could have come straight from a psychology textbook.

It is psychology brought to life, and has made me realise more than ever how much I want to move my interest in psychology from my hobby to my career.

I believe that combined with my enthusiasm for the subject, the skills I have learned through my past work experience and part time study will make me an ideal candidate for studying Psychology. My employment has taught me many transferable skills, including excellent levels of concentration and great organisational skills.

I also feel my experience of dealing with the public and colleagues will prove invaluable in a people centred discipline such as Psychology.

Over the past few years whilst working during the day I have also studied at evening classes for A Levels. Studying part time has taught me excellent study skills, as much of my study has been self-directed.

It was very challenging to study part-time, however I was utterly determined to complete each A Level, and I would apply this same determination to completing a degree to the very best of my ability.

When I am not filling my spare time with studying, I enjoy taking advantage of the benefits of living in the Lake District, going fell walking, and keeping fit in the gym.

I also love to entertain, and recently held a highly successful ‘superheroes and villains’ themed fancy dress party; as well as being fun it was fascinating to watch how people’s behaviour changes when they have a mask on!

Since deciding to apply to University I have started to undertake further study to prepare me for undergraduate study; I am currently halfway through an Open University ‘Openings’ Course, and have enrolled for an Access to Higher Education Course in Social Sciences, my tutors for which have assured me that due to my previous A Level studies I will be able to complete successfully without a problem.

I feel that I would be able to make a valuable contribution during my degree, and perhaps even more importantly, as I have worked so hard to get to this point, I would remain committed to studying because it means so much to me.

After my degree I would like to go on to do further study and perhaps undertake training to become a psychologist.

I am passionate about studying psychology, and looking forward to extending my knowledge in this exciting discipline, and contributing to it in the future.

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This personal statement was written by Chocoholic for application in 2005.

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University of Leeds

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I am a mature student so found writing this extremely difficult! Had no teachers to help me so just had to do my best on my own - fingers crossed now.


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Just Read A Powerful Personal Statement And Then Read Some Really Horrible Comments After.. How Sad Can U Get? Y Wud U Wish 4 Someone's Mum 2 Die? Whoever That Person Was Is An Immature Fool..

On The Other Hand...
Personal Statement was Great!


well i fink its really good it grabbed my attention straight away and its different!

A really interesting personal

A really interesting personal statement, I didn't feel the part about the accident was too personal as it was relevent. Well thought out and links well to Psychology. I'm writing mine at the moment and now it seems boring compared to yours!
Good luck with it all :)

very good =]

i think this is a very well written personal statement, i am currently studying AS level psychology and want to go on to university to further my studies of psychology =], and can i just say to the person that wished your mother died that he is a sick, sadistic, narrow minded fool and you should not wish death upon anyone for any given reason! =] and to the person who said to the guy who wished death upon his mother, about 'go back and read the sun news paper' that that was a bit class discrimination if i ever saw it, i mean well done for saying he was wrong to say it but you cant then go on to be mean your self, teach by example they say =] i'm only 17 and i know that
sorry for the rant but i like it when people just get on and not take the piss out of each other, as i said it is a very good statement and has inspired my creativeness on my own personal statement xD
glad you got into university though
and thank you for posting you personal statement

don't like it

don't like it


good effort mate

How can it be too personal

How can it be too personal when your meant to stand out from the other thousands of people applying for that course...



earlier this year i was

earlier this year i was involved in a plane crash and as i was drowning in the sea, i noticed no seals came to save me.

There is very little academic

There is very little academic content in this PS and the intro is too personal - yes, it's meant to be about you, but it's meant to be about your INTERESTS in the course. Mentioning things like this can look like you're trying for the sympathy vote (altho I'm not saying this was the applicants intention)

They didn't help you??? YOU

They didn't help you??? YOU UGLY!!!!


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