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The sheer complexity of the human mind intrigues me, and has led to a desire to continue my academic studies within psychology, particularly within the field of developmental psychology.

John Bowlby stated that 'Mother love in infancy is as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins for physical health.' This notion of mental health being important for a child's development, is something I am keen to further my understanding of.

Having studied developmental psychology within my A-level, I have gained an understanding of the fundamentals of attachment and human development.

Studying this topic first sparked my interest in child psychology, and has helped me to gain an insight into the mental processes of children.

Being a quiet, well behaved child I sometimes found it difficult to see why children acted out. However, studying psychology has enabled me to realise that there are multiple layers within behaviour and certainly more than just 'being naughty'.

I am confident that I have been provided with the foundations to meet the demands of a psychology degree.

Through conducting my Extended Project Qualification on the impact that social pressures have on the development of eating disorders, I have further developed skills in effectively selecting and interpreting psychological research.

Exploring the various theories and empirical evidence on the development of eating disorders has genuinely fascinated me. McKenzie et al (1993), for example, found sufferers of anorexia believed their weight had dramatically increased after eating a sugary snack.

This demonstrates the fragility of psychological abnormalities and how they can affect anybody; one in three people are expected to experience a mental disorder throughout their life.

After thoroughly researching eating disorders, I am very keen on researching and analysing the effects of nutrition on a child's daily life and potential disorders which can arise.

Through balancing my A-level studies and part time work, I have developed a large array of skills from effective communication with both children and elderly clients, to using my initiative and adapting my behaviour depending on the circumstance. I have learnt to work well both independently and in a team, especially with people I wouldn't normally associate myself with.

Being a very versatile person who is motivated and determined to strive for the best I can achieve, I was nominated and selected to become a student leader. Since then, I have collected an award for the effort I have put in to help my school with events, such as touring prospective students around during open evening.

Completing a work placement in a nursery has allowed me to see the development of children from the age of 3 months up to 4 years. As well as the social benefit from the placement I was also able to find links within my studies and apply psychological theories such as Shaffer and Emmerson's stages of attachment.

I also carried out a week's work placement at a Primary School which cemented my goal of having a career working with children. I found a great deal of satisfaction engaging with the children and helping those with dyslexia with their reading and literacy skills.

I also teach younger people ballet in my personal time on Saturday afternoons which has given me life skills of working with children on an individual basis whilst doing something that I love. It has further strengthened my reasoning to work with children and the positive relationships which can be formed as a result.

On top of my volunteering, I also donated my hair to the little princess trust which makes wigs for children suffering from illnesses such as leukaemia, which results in hair loss.

Doing a degree in psychology will not only allow me to further explore the world of psychology but it will also help me to understand why humans are the way they are.

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