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I have been fascinated by the human mind and how it works since my early teenage years. My interest in understanding the mind and behaviour has been enhanced through studying psychology at A level. Although I have only studied this subject for a relatively short period of time, I have enjoyed the subject thoroughly and have been engaged in intriguing topics such as memory and infant attachment.

I was pleased to receive the AS subject prize for psychology this year and in carrying on psychology at degree level, I will endeavour to grasp further the theories and schools of thought introduced by psychologists over the past few centuries, advancing my current knowledge and interest in such a profound field.

I am enthusiast for research, finding the various concepts fascinating and have taken great satisfaction in planning and applying similar psychological research as part of my A2 coursework on factors affecting memory.

I have found many parallels between psychology and my other A level subjects, particularly Philosophy. I was principally interested in Freud's philosophical theory that God is a concept created by the superego to make sense of its experiences, and that religion in a neurotic illness stemming from sexual trauma.

I enjoy various novels and works by psychologists to expand my knowledge of the subject such as 'The Interpretation of Dreams,' which was an excellent extension to my previous knowledge of Freud.

'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' was particularly inspiring as it gave me a fictional insight into the lives of people in an asylum, principally concerned with the ways in which society applies pressure on an individual to conform to what is considered as the 'norm' in terms of attitude and behaviour.

I find psychological case studies and accounts absorbing such as 'Malignant sadness' by Lewis Wolpert and television documentaries including Channel 4's 'Mindshock' and ' Robert Winston's 'Child of our time.'

Additionally, the entertainment programme 'Big Brother,' hosted on Channel 4, which the British Psychological Society labelled a "public concern," regarding its "deliberate creation of tension and conflict," gave me an insight into psychological disorders such as Tourettes Syndrome, anorexia and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and increased my awareness of the ethical guidelines concerned with research.

On the British Psychological Society's website research had shown that people who have been identified as bullies believe that their bullying behaviour causes them to be perceived as admirable.

Being a member of our Anti-Bullying and senior prefect team, I have to take into consideration the social and emotional factors that explain why bullies, victims, and bystanders act the way they do.

I play an active role in school life. The Community Sports Leadership Award was a valuable experience in which I attended various primary schools, created and hosted sports lessons and principally progressed my skills in confidence, team building and leadership.

I have taken part in work experience in France this year working as a primary school assistant, which was truly worthwhile as I was presented with the challenging pursuit of presenting my social skills in a foreign language.

In other areas outside of school I have taken on voluntary work with primary schools and the Elderly, which has been a personal benefit, gaining confidence in communication and an overall great satisfaction from my work.

I have also taken part in fund raising for charities such as Marie Curie Cancer care. I am a keen artist and additionally have an enjoyment in singing, often taking part in school music competitions and choral singing.

Along with my conscientious attitude to work and my approachable character, I would be an ideal addition to a psychology degree.

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This personal statement was written by GGreen for application in 2007.


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what offers did this get you?

what offers did this get you?

its good i liked it

This PS has some very good

This PS has some very good content - i would suggest paragraphs and spacing though as making it easily readable is VERY important to an admissions tutor who is flicking through so many!

very good

I think its very good, hope u got offers for all this p.s


very well delivered personal statement. i cried it was that moving! :') keep up the good work pal, hope all goes well


very well delivered personal statement. i cried it was that moving! :') keep up the good work pal, hope all goes well

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