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My personal interest in studying psychology is related to my dream and ambition to contribute to making our world a better place by focusing on people, never letting anyone feel excluded or an outsider.

Arguably, my passion for foreign cultures and my desire to discover the world have made me increasingly eager to understand more about each individual, especially in relation to their culture.

As a matter of fact, when I decided to study modern languages at school, I was confident that it would provide me with chances to travel in order to get in touch with all the diversity I could not find hereabouts. It is for this reason that I am currently trying to become an international student, eager as I am to receive quality education and training in a multicultural environment.

Even though I did not have the opportunity to attend a Psychology-related course at school, my interest in psychology grew rapidly when I joined a drama club, thanks to which I have developed critical thinking skills.

This interest was enhanced, both at school and during drama classes, by the study of the Italian playwright Pirandello, whose philosophy has radically changed the way I see life and has become the leading thread for my final thesis at school.

As a somewhat indirect consequence of my interest in Psychology, when I began to look out for a job I was determined to find a place that would engage me in a direct relationship with the public, so as to have the chance to apply my 'analysis' of the human mind to strangers.

As I started working as a barman, I learnt that our body language is incredibly powerful, also thanks to the help of my drama teacher.

Hence, I began to work on it in order to increase the number of resources I had to manage difficult, stressful situations. Little by little, I became able to predict people's behaviour, at the same time showing my colleagues the high level of empathy that has always characterised me.

All things considered, I am extremely happy of having attended drama classes and worked as a barman since, in my opinion, both activities have enhanced my communicative and cooperating skills.

Regarding my academic achievements, up to now my student career has recorded a few highs. This year I have taken part in the National Languages Contest announced by the Urbino Department of Languages, where I obtained successful marks in the Spanish section (88 out of 100).

Furthermore, I have attended 80 hours of CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) preparation, which has brought my marks to the highest level in my "English Language and Literature" class.

Moreover, as English and Spanish literatures have always been among my favourite subjects, in the past few years I was chosen by my teachers to join some internships abroad, so that I could experience the local culture first-hand.

On these occasions, I saw my interaction skills developing and improving thanks to the use of another language, which I used for exchanging ideas with the locals.

It may be also worth to mention that I am currently the representative of my class, for the third year, which requires me to be a supportive, mediating figure for all of my classmates, as well as to understand their claims and discuss them with the school board.

All together, these experiences have greatly influenced my future ambitions. As you might imagine, I am planning to apply all the abilities I expect to gain by studying at your university to a travelling-related job - a goal that reflects my desire to discover new cultures and understand other peoples' needs and beliefs.

Another opportunity I would welcome gladly is academic research or work as a school counsellor, since I would love to help young adults find their own paths.

Honestly, I feel more and more enthusiastic at the idea of coming to Your University. I am confident I am highly prepared for this course and am looking forward to studying hard and proving to you and myself I can reach the goals this field of study has to offer.

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Hello there, I am an international student from Italy. I have just sent my UCAS application for BA/MA Psychology at Uni of Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, Strathclyde and Napier. I am so scared about my Personal Statement, would you tell me what you think about it?


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