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One of the great things about psychology is that it can be applied in mostly any situation, which truly makes it one of the most interesting subjects I have studied.

I am amazed at how many theories and concepts there are, all about how the mind works to shape people into what makes them, them.

Seeing the large amount of ideas that have come about through psychology has kept me curious and keen to continue studying the subject and to learn all that I can about it. Continuing to study psychology will allow me to learn more about the many things that affect our changing attitudes throughout life.

Studying the many elements of psychology at A Level has shown me how extensive the subject is, and continuing to study it at University will help me decide which field of psychology I would like to study after my undergraduate degree and continue as a career.

As a fan of gaming, I have been interested in the debates around the impact video gaming has on individuals, especially younger gamers.

So to gain some more understanding around this debate, I went to a presentation at a local school given by a psychologist who works with children and listening to her examples and experiences was very thought-provoking and gave me a better insight into the debate.

I also worked in the same school for a short time teaching children with learning disabilities and helping them with basic literacy and organisational skills.

This experience also helped me better understand how the way they think and learn affects their everyday life. These are two things that have kept me interested in learning about how the mind is effected at a young age. Along with psychology, I am also studying sociology and film studies, and I believe that these subjects intertwine with each other.

With film, psychology can create an understanding of the intentions behind certain characters and narratives within films, and also how the audience interpret films.

With sociology, psychological studies can be used to support some of the concepts proposed in sociology, such as Bandura's Bobo doll experiment being used in psychology to demonstrate the social learning theory, and in sociology to demonstrate the effects of media violence on children.

Seeing these links between my subjects and going to the presentation and work in the school has helped keep me motivated and determined that psychology is what I want to study at University and that it is what I want to do as a career.

Outside of my studies I enjoy reading, and this has helped in keeping me focused and has also helped me gain confidence in reading outside the subject because this helps me better understand what will be taught in classes.

I am looking forward to going to university as it will allow me to greatly broaden my knowledge and understanding of psychology, and I am also very optimistic about the challenges that I will face at university, such as being more independent and being challenged academically and socially. I believe that I will definitely go on to use psychology in any future career that I choose.

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