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I was a young girl, walking through a large hall, full of strange noises and intimidating looking interior, holding my mother’s hand as we were “going to see Aunt Anne”.

The large hall was in St Edwards Psychiatric hospital and the strange noises I still can’t decipher, however I remember this being the moment something clicked for me, I remember it being the moment my intrigue in psychology began.

Visiting my Great-Aunt Anne, a dementia and depression patient, caused me to ask so many questions that I don’t really think I understood at the time and, if I’m entirely honest, I’m still looking for those answers now.

Feeding my curiosity of that age old question “why?” has never been a chore for me, I have willingly and relished the opportunity to read books, study documentaries, attend courses and more, looking for a way to get further to the answer, all the time knowing that it could well be an answer I will never be able to find.

Studying social sciences at school, music at college (for my side passion of music therapy) and starting a BSc (hon) Degree in Psychology with the Open University has firmly cemented my desire to achieve my final goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist.

While hearing that I am leaving one university in favour of another might cause an element of disparage to some, I have only done so as; working a full time job, being a single mother with two children, caring for my grandmother and trying to study was, in my eyes, already an injustice to my future patients.

How could I possibly acquire my highest possible amount of knowledge while spreading myself so thin? If I am to become a good, competent doctor I must apply myself at my fullest from the very beginning. And that is my definitive intention.

I am a very strong willed person and once I have a target in sight, I will achieve that target no matter what. While in contrast with this I love the element of surprise, the rush of excitement and a bit of a cheeky impulse every now and then, to ensure life stays as fun as possible. Concerts, Festivals, Playing music, Creating Art and, of course, spending valuable time with my children all helps to achieve this for me.

Working voluntarily at a Special Educational Needs school for 12 months (during college), recently working within the Learning Disabilities sector of the NHS for 2.5 years and currently volunteering with a group for Adults with Learning Disabilities, I think this shows, that I keep coming back to my one passion – helping people.

I have acquired enough life experience since leaving college, 6 years ago, to know that there really is nothing more I want to do than have a career within the clinical side of psychology.

I hope to be an asset to your intake, as I am 110% committed to doing the best I possibly can both at undergraduate level, then again when I apply for Postgraduate level for the Clinical Psychology course.

I find it very easy to organise myself and quickly learn to prioritise, which often enables me to stay on schedule and ensure that I am working at the correct level required.

I have my mind made up, my goals ahead of me and am just waiting for you to open the door to let my journey begin.

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This personal statement was written by genrecore for application in 2011.


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I particularly like the

I particularly like the language. With the author's well-expressed enthusiasm, we are largely impressed by the image of a responsible future doctor, always eager to lend her patient a hand. I am impressed.

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