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Neuroscience appeals to me deeply. It combines pure science with the most fascinating organ of all, the brain, whilst also being an innovative field, which is constantly evolving. Whether it is debating the ethics of neurotechnology for predicting or altering human behaviour, or neuroplasticity and how it affects the phantom limb sensation, neuroscience never ceases to amaze me. We have understood so much about space exploration, but yet still haven't understood something so relevant to us daily, our brain.

Neuroscience has inspired my EPQ, in which I focused on psychedelic drugs, their profound negative and positive effects and the research involved to manufacture drugs to combat depression and anxiety. Through this work, I have developed strong research and analytical skills as well as a better understanding of the fragility of the brain, something vital for a neuroscientist.

I have learnt the importance of ethics through studying theology: the ethics of new and old behavioral experiments and implications of trial runs with new drugs on the development of human intellect and wellbeing. Being part of Philosophy Society also gave me an opportunity to discuss the ethics behind social experiments and the potential impacts on one's post-experiment mental health.

I volunteered for a holiday week for disabled children, where I got to care directly for a child, 24 hours a day, which opened up my perception of care of the disabled. The child I was responsible for was suffering from cerebral palsy, while other children suffered from autism and Asperger's. I noted the impact parenting and schooling have on children's wellbeing and the progressive nature of some mental disorders. It led me to read widely around the neurochemical and genetic side of neuroscience, such as the size variance of the corpus callosum depending on the genetics of people with autism.

Having been awarded an art scholarship, I discovered Cajal and his drawings of neurones, which prompted me to research further about the neurone doctrine. My favourite book on this subject is Oliver Sack's 'The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat' as it recounts histories of patients lost in the perplexing, inescapable world of neurological disorders.

Through my biology lessons and dissection society, I have developed my practical skills and can handle a wide range of technical apparatus. I have learned attention to detail, studying the fine components of organisms I have dissected, such as the simple anatomy of a rat. I have also attended a brain seminar where I got to watch a live dissection on a real human brain. Chemistry has prompted me to think about the crucial structure of chemicals and neurotransmitters and how one less bond can alter essential processes in and outside the brain. I have demonstrated my academic strength through gaining a bronze Olympiad medal for biology.

Being a non-commissioned officer and on the shooting team in CCF has allowed me to gain communication and leadership skills, as I often have to take orders from senior members and lead a group of thirty cadets. My role as a senior prefect has also improved these skills as I regularly organise school events as well as mentor pupils lower down the school. As part of the Hummingbird Project, I helped raise funds for a Syrian refugee family to move in to the local village. This experience was especially rewarding, as we saw the benefit the family got from settling in our community.
I believe I have the attention to detail, strong understanding of scientific principles, and awareness of the need for ethical considerations to excel on a neuroscience degree course. Although challenging, I am more than eager to immerse myself in this innovative and inspiring field.

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I hope this can help future applicants for neuroscience as I got offers from King's college London, University of Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Queen Mary's London


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