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The application of scientific knowledge to understanding how humans, and the creatures around us, function and react with each other has always been a source of wonder to me.

The opportunity to combine a scientific understanding of processes and structure of the nervous system and brain with knowledge of applications relevant to our own behaviour, including those of a clinical kind, makes neuroscience such an attractive prospect to me.

The subject appeals deeply, as a chance to combine my pure science interests with learning about the most fascinating organ of all, the brain. I look forward to studying the development and behaviour of animals. As I have always been fascinated by the hidden language and silent communication between them, and how this relates to the subtleties of our own social structures, and how commonalities of brain function with humans may be identified.

I am drawn to the opportunity to learn about the physical, and consequent behavioural, impact of neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease, and the effects of recreational and medicinal drugs upon the brain. I keep up with the latest news, using the New Scientist, which presents so many different and important topics relevant to how we live today.

These include the most recent research and progress in treating dementia, one of the most complex and mysterious common diseases of our time, to exposing inadequacies in previously accepted treatments such as deep brain stimulation.

Other topics include the potential commercial exploitation of the brain’s response to cinematic effects, manipulating viewers into becoming intoxicated by films, and thus to make a movie more successful.

The diversity of these topics shows me the depth, importance and complexity of the brain, each finding exploring an issue of which we may perhaps be unaware, but which may be alarmingly relevant to each and every one of our lives and the way we work and think.

My reading has led me to David Goleman’s books on Social and Emotional Intelligence, exploring the reactions irresistible to our brains, such as how a smile induces relaxation even in the most tense situation, and showing how each part of our brains are involved with interpreting the world around us.

I have been volunteering at Rastrick High School since March 2010, working in classes with children with learning disabilities, including cerebral palsy and autism. This experience heightened my fascination of how one simple change or abnormality within the brain can have such influence, shaping a person’s personality.

This has helped me learn to adapt to social situations, dealing with a wider variety of people and the occasional challenges of younger children with behavioural problems. I appreciate the chance to work in such an environment, and the insight it has provided into my keenness to pursue a future helping people with such problems.

I have completed two separate weeks’ work experience at veterinary surgeries, which gave me a valuable insight into careers applying complex biological science to clinical situations: I found this compelling and appealing.

This enhanced my communication skills, as I had to adapt to fit in with a team of vets and nurses, and work appropriately and helpfully. This included observing the handling of the animals, and the consultations between the pets and their owners. I observed the interaction between those involved, and how skills of tact can be deployed to ease such a sensitive situation.

I have had a part-time job at a clothes shop since December 2008. This has been an invaluable opportunity to see the long-term changes in a business, and has challenged me to work effectively in a team, and help me learn how to deal with difficult customers with patience and tact.

As well as greatly looking forward to continuing my studies, I am excited by the prospect of independent living, meeting new people, and experiencing the diversity of the vibrant city I hope to move to.

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This personal statement was written by birdbrains for application in 2011.

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The University of Nottingham

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got me all 5 offers
Neuroscience Bristol-ABB Nottingham-BBB Manchester-ABB Medical Neuroscience Sussex-AAB/A*BB Zoology Liverpool-ABB
I applied in 2010/2011
My predicted grades were ABB and my Alevel overall grades are A*AA
I chose Bristol as my first choice and Nottingham as my second.


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