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I am fascinated by the sheer complexity of the human brain, and by the complications that often follow.

As a melomaniac, the documentary ‘Alive Inside’ captivated me as it advocated listening to music as therapy for dementia. I learnt from ‘This is Your Brain on Music’ that music taps into areas of the brain that are unaffected by dementia; music also evokes emotions which are typically accompanied by memories that patients may have lost access to.

Growing up playing piano and guitar, I connected with ‘Musicophilia’ as I discovered the remedial effects that playing an instrument can have on Alzheimer’s and autism patients. ‘A User’s Guide to the Brain’ developed my understanding of cognitive functions like memory, perception, emotion and language, as well as the anatomy of the brain, while ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat’ exposed me to intriguing cases where irregularities within and between regions result in extraordinary conditions. I wish to study Neuroscience to understand how things work and to grasp how individual processes come together to make up the big picture.

Biology has greatly developed my analytical and statistical skills, particularly with using standard deviation, linear regression and chi squared tests. Learning about human physiology forced me to think systematically; it was satisfying to see how individual systems in the body work together to make up all human functions.

Reading ahead into the Neurobiology option, I was fascinated to discover how some psychoactive drugs can evoke alertness and euphoria by increasing postsynaptic transmission, increasing the likelihood of action potentials being fired. I understood addiction better as I learnt that cocaine and amphetamines block dopamine transporters on neurons and thus allow excessive build-up of dopamine evoking pleasurable effects.

Chemistry has refined my observational and manipulative skills and has pushed me to make complex connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. My extended essay explored brain functionality through looking at the effect of age on visual and auditory reaction time.

By testing over 100 candidates of ages ranging between 14 and 74, I made conclusions about changes in neural pathways and processing speed that occur as humans grow older. I also observed the ability of humans to adapt quickly to repeated situations and the relationship between fitness level or fatigue with brain processing speed.

My work experience at one of [[university]]'s research facilities exposed me to various lab techniques and procedures such as PCR, western blot and behavioural analysis, as well as working with animals, appreciating how mice are crucial to human brain research as many of the genes associated with the brain of the mouse are identical to that of the human.

I was also involved in an experience at [[company]], a start-up, where I utilized my research skills in an investigation into big data visualisation. Outside my academia, I have been a member of my school’s kayaking club and rugby team throughout high school. I am also an avid hiker and love exploring new places and cultures around the world.

I have ventured on three major expeditions: Everest Base Camp, the Inca Trail and Kilimanjaro. These challenged my physical and mental determination, as well as my leadership skills as I had to set an example for younger students for commitment, dedication and endurance.

On these trips, I was also given the chance to work with disadvantaged people, raise 5000 [[currency]] for a school for street children in Nepal, and gather 100kg of equipment for Tanzanian sherpas.

My interest in studying Neuroscience stems largely from my passion to make an impact on the lives of others, either through working in developmental research or possibly going on to a graduate degree in Medicine and thereafter specializing in either Neurology or Neurosurgery.

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This is my personal statement for when I applied to Neuroscience BSc. I was accepted to the undergraduate course at University College London (UCL), King's College London (UCL), Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), and Edinburgh University.

I have redacted a couple of things in the statement for my privacy


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