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I enjoy studying science because it is a subject that encompasses so much of life's issues and practicalities, and a subject that can be applied and made useful to everyday life. Biological science is fascinating but it is even more exciting when studying abnormal function in medical science, from the facts in pathology to the application in pharmacology. The complex chemical interactions within the body, especially how neurones affect the brain and psychology is a dilemma and one which I would love to study and understand. The neurobiology behind the brain is a field I feel links strongly with pharmacology. Pharmacology encompasses so much of medical science, normal and abnormal function, including the chance of applying my knowledge and exploring, and not merely understanding, therefore I feel that pharmacology is a field I would like to pursue, besides pathology, and much of genetics and the brain.

The biological science in context with Chemistry, especially genetics, and aspects of it such as protein synthesis are interesting to say the least. At the moment we are learning about respiration, which is an aspect of biochemistry that is vital to physiology. Through my study in Chemistry, I am able to understand the way chemicals would interact with each other, and with my knowledge of Biology and understanding of physiology and anatomy, I can put Chemistry in context of the life sciences. I feel that these sciences will give me a firm foundation for medical science. My study in English Literature has also allowed me to develop skills which would aid me in writing reports, and I feel that my study in Art has taught me to think creatively, which would enable me to be innovative in research.

Over the summer holidays, I worked as a volunteer in the MacMillan centre at Edith Cavell Hospital, Peterborough, which is a daytime centre for cancer patients. There I had the opportunity to work with patients and nurses, and to learn some of the effects of cancer on a patient and the effects of chemotherapy first hand. The MacMillan centre has reinforced my desire to pursue pharmacology, and has confirmed my interest in medical science and pathology. I am currently trying to organise more work experience, hopefully in Huntington Life Sciences, in order to understand better what a medical-related career entails.

I have worked as a volunteer leader with children in holiday clubs. From this I have learnt to work as part of a large team, within which I was responsible for leading a smaller group of people. Working in a team is an experience I feel would benefit me in any career, and in university, since it is often essential in any job and unavoidable in university. I have learnt to take the initiative and become responsible for younger members. I feel that these skills will be an advantage to me later, since I might go into research. People have often told me that I have the potential for research, and I believe I have a high level of perseverance.

At home I enjoy reading and in particular art. I conduct my own self-directed learning in art and have since developed greatly in my artistic skills, in particular portraits. I have since sold a painting and also won first prize in an art competition within a company. As the Japanese culture fascinates me, I have taught myself basic Japanese and have learnt how to do origami. I am also a bilingual speaker in English and Cantonese, and am currently involved in my school's system called "Bank of Translators" for parents evening. All this has contributed to my independence in learning and my competence in foreign languages is invaluable, as it will be an asset in communication within a team. I constantly seek new challenges and science provides life-long learning, and I relish the fact that I will never know it all, which means there is always something new for me to discover.

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This personal statement was written by irisng for application in 2004.

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Cambridge University
The University of Reading
University of Bristol
The University of Manchester
The University of Nottingham
University of Leeds

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Given I'd applied to 5 different courses, all medical-related, I had to tweek it just right to make sure it includes everything - and had 5 offers for it (YAY!) the only rejection being Cambridge - but hey it's Cambridge - so I'd say my PS was probably pretty good in the eyes of the university anyway, given 4 gave me straight offers (2 of which included interview but was an offer on the spot). And my biology teacher also told me it's a great CV :) So overall, am happy with my PS. This is the "down-to-earth" approach though not the philosophical approach - but I think both approaches work anyway. The PS was mainly targetted at Pharmacology and Natural Science - but have now changed my mind to go for Neuroscience, which I also got offered at Notts :) So this PS should be useful for all medical-related subjects really! - at Reading it WAS Pathobiology which I also got offered for - but is now changed to Art lol.


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good statement, congrats on

good statement, congrats on the offers

confused me a little but hey

confused me a little but hey if u got offers why not


this was a really good personal statement. Did seem like you couldnt make your mid up about what to do but you got offers so who cares.

well done on the offers

well done on the offers !Found the introduction a bit confusing ,but hey you got the offers......the rest is history I guess

offers = good PS

offers = good PS

personally i think the other

personally i think the other universities are better then cambridge..

cambridge only want the type of students who will work 24/7 and hav no lives and the follow the tedious traditional method.
to be a good doctor u dont need to memorise every phrase in a fat medical textbook.

so congratulations to you!

hey this is excellent, i was

hey this is excellent, i was just wondering though, did Cambridge give you a reason why they did not accept you? and what A level results did you get?

hey, did they(i mean

hey, did they(i mean cambridge) call u for an interview?

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?


Well done my friend

haha you've taken the same

haha you've taken the same subjects as me, and we want to do the same course at university. I have hope ;)

haha you've taken the same

haha you've taken the same subjects as me, and we want to do the same course at university. I have hope ;)

It's really good like super

It's really good like super good. Anyway since you didn't get an offer from University of Cambridge, that means you didn't get an interview offer from cambridge?

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