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I believe the interface of physics and chemistry allows one to see nature as a whole. I find it fascinating how atoms, no bigger than a ten-millionth of a millimeter, are able not only to be the fundamental ingredients of our world but also useful to various technological improvements such as nanotechnology.

My interest in discovering the world and what constitutes it inspired me to study chemistry, physics, and mathematics at a higher level in school. Through them, I have learned the importance of asking questions. To deepen my knowledge, I participated in the Belgian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads. These experiences allowed me not only to learn new things by studying independently but also helped me to develop analytical and "outside the box" thinking. Due to my interest in chemistry, I was chosen by my school to spend a day at the Institute Meurice in Brussels. As I find working in a laboratory rewarding, I loved the hands-on experience, using professional-level equipment to conduct various engaging experiments. At first, we evaluated the effect of concentration and heat on the effectiveness and speed of a reaction. Furthermore, using cigarette ashes as a catalyser, we realised the combustion of sugar, which I found fascinating, as chemistry can be found anywhere.

Following my interest, I organised my stay at the "Maria" nuclear reactor in Poland, which I found particularly exciting as it deepened my enthusiasm in pursuing a multi-faceted approach to science. There I have learned that through the fission of the Uranium 235/236, the reactor is able to use neutrons for the production of radionuclides, material modification, and research. Among others, it is one of the key providers of radiopharmaceuticals such as iodine 131, supplying it all around the world for various medical appliances. To complement my visit, I attended a lecture on radioactivity and the intriguing discovery of the neutrino due to the beta radiations. I also participated in a conference on fusion, which caught my attention as its high energy per nucleon could revolutionise and make the production of electricity more efficient, without the emission of problematic long-lived radionuclides. It was through further reading (R.Gilmore "Alice in Quantumland" and E.Klein "La physique quantique"), that I have discovered a profound interest in quantum mechanics. I found it absorbing as it reflects a freshness of approach while opening and explaining a whole new area of both physics and chemistry. For instance, Schrodinger's cat describes the probabilistic nature of matter until observed while the molecular orbital theory can explain why molecules such as He2 do not exist.

Being a Pole, speaking four languages fluently and living in a multi-cultural environment from a young age, I know how to adapt and face new challenges easily. In 2017, I was selected to participate in a school exchange and spent four months in Alicante, which taught me independence and responsibility. This experience encouraged me to apply to the NGO DBA "Do it" with which, after a year of preparation and raising €18,500, I spent three unique weeks in Abomey, Benin. Exchanging with the local population, as well as working (planting over 6000 trees) made me realise that collaboration across the globe, especially for scientists, is necessary in order to provide a more sustainable and fair future.
I am in my second year of acrobatics and have regularly been swimming since I was 6. As a scout, I've participated in many long summer camps, which developed my leadership skills. Until 2018, parallel to my studies at the European school, I continued my education in the Polish school in Brussels. This taught me how to manage my time and organise my tasks efficiently.

I see my degree studies as not only an essential foundation for a future career as a scientist but also as a way to truly follow my interests and understand more about molecular-scale phenomena and the world around us.

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Hi everyone,
So I applied for the chemical physics program at the University of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Herriot-Watt, UEA, and for the chemistry and physics program at the university of st Andrews.
Got conditional offers from all of them except for st Andrews.
I'm from Europe so wasn't so easy to get in especially in Scotland but well I'm going to the University of Edinburgh in September.
GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE:) (I know this website helped me so much)

P.S: If u have any questions don't hesitate to write them in the comments


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