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At present, the technology of the world is advancing at an astounding rate and the only restrictions on this growth are the materials available to us. We must move on by engineering
new materials and improving current ones. To do this we must understand exactly why a material exhibits specific properties - given by its structure - and how we can utilise this knowledge to improve technology. Every branch of engineering relies on the wonders of materials science in one way or another; it has an innumerable amount of applications and a huge relevance in today's world. I see materials science as a brilliant opportunity to revolutionise the world, solve pressing global issues and better the lives of so many people.

My personal interest in materials science stems from my core interest in physics and chemistry; I see it as the perfect marriage of these two disciplines. It covers some of the most fundamental and incredible aspects of modern science, bridging the gap between the unimaginably tiny and the huge structures of today; linking the surreal reality of quantum mechanics with the everyday reality of businesses such as construction and aviation. It is unlike any other engineering discipline.

An emerging field I am strongly drawn to is nanotechnology. The fact that we live in an age where the stuff of science fiction is now becoming day-to-day life is astonishing, where dreams such as molecular self-assembly and carbon nanotubes are now becoming a reality. Due to my fascination in nanotechnology, I decided to base my Extended Project Qualification on the topic of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanotechnology. I hope that studying this in such depth will give me a good insight into materials science and also a taste of a more independent mode of study, similar to that in university.

I have also supplemented my knowledge of materials science by reading 'Stuff Matters' by Mark Miodownik as well as J.E. Gordon's classic 'The New Science of Strong Materials'. These books have made me realise how often the importance of materials like concrete and steel are sadly overlooked.

Whilst in college I have participated in the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) which focuses a team of students around a six-month project whilst working in partnership with an established engineering company. Our project was greatly successful and I received a CREST gold award as a result. During my time on the project, I harnessed my collaborative skills, IT skills, and engineering techniques (such as project planning, testing and report writing). Most of all I learnt how to effectively balance classwork with extra-curricular work.

Additionally, I completed a six week summer internship in 2015 at Selex ES, a leading international engineering company which primarily works in electronic and information technologies for defence and aerospace. During my placement, I was able to work on real life engineering projects whilst also completing a group project with other summer placements. I became more accustomed with meetings, design and synthesis, report writing, presenting to an audience and working to a deadline. I found the internship to be a brilliant insight into engineering and working life, and it certainly improved my employability for the future.

Throughout my time in education I have strived to improve many important skills relevant to both academia and general life. In high school I was Head Boy, which gave me a great opportunity to learn valuable leadership, presentational and organisational skills amongst other things. In addition to academics, for over 5 years I have participated in both rugby and basketball competitively, representing the county in both.

After my undergraduate studies, I would be interested in progressing to complete a PhD in a materials-related field, perhaps in nanotechnology. However, at present I am aiming to begin a career in materials engineering and hopefully one day gain Chartered Engineer status.

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I applied to Materials Science/Materials Engineering MEng courses at several universities and received offers from all. I used this website a great deal and I believe that reading examples of personal statements is the best place to start when writing your own.

I hope that this can be of use as I put a lot of time and effort into it and it certainly worked for me. My advice is to really get across your passion for your subject and prove that you have sufficient knowledge of what you're getting yourself in for; especially for unusual or unknown subjects like materials science. Don't forget to make sure your personal statement sounds like you and actually reflects your personality also. Put in them extra-curricular activities, don't make yourself sound like a robot.

Best of luck.


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This was really useful, in

This was really useful, in how i should structure my personal statement thank you for uploading it

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