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Having grown up in a coastal town, the ocean has always played an important role in my life. My earliest memories are of exploring the rugged Cornish coastline I call home, always questioning the processes taking place in the vast blue ahead of me. Living in a coastal community has led me to this inherent love of the sea and has fuelled my desire to understand the processes within it that underpin our future.

Seeking a career in oceanography, I chose my A-levels accordingly: Geography, due to its anthropogenic perspective on how we can reduce our impact on the Earth and oceans. A topic I found thought provoking was our coastal module where I explored, in detail, ocean currents and sea level change, fascinating in realising how dynamic our ocean is.

Due to my intense interest, I chose to do my Geographical investigation on coastal management at Perranporth beach in order to immerse myself further into the subject. I study PE in order to gain another scientific perspective. An engaging module was the use of technology in sport. I became intrigued by the progression from wooden dinghy hulls to fibreglass in order to make the boat more streamline and therefore aid the sailors race performance. It was something I could apply to my sailing performance to recognise how technology influences my sailing ability.

Through studying History, I have gained the vital essay writing, researching and referencing skills that I will utilise at university; this subject has helped me to become both more articulate and gain more transferrable skills.

In addition to my academic studies I have also had the opportunity to get involved with extracurricular activities. I attended Girls into Geoscience at Plymouth University in July, spending the afternoon in a workshop about sea floor drilling presented by Dr Michelle Harris. Her enthusiasm was infectious and really solidified my interest in the geological element of oceanography.

This workshop helped me gain engaging, relevant subject knowledge as well as increasing my attachment to the subject through talks from Jenny Symons and Lucy Cotton, which fascinated me and cemented my decision to follow this route. I have also had the opportunity to use the library at Plymouth University to accredit my geography coursework, this has supported my ability to reference academic work correctly and enhanced my knowledge of university life. This opportunity became especially intriguing when I began to use the library for my own research concerning ocean currents and sea level rise in particular.

With an interest in oceanography, I am passionate about environmental issues so I have supported the fight back against plastic pollution by attending beach cleans held by Surfers against Sewage. This voluntary work is kick-starting a more sustainable future that I’m so glad to be a part of, something I intend to continue supporting during my degree. Volunteering shows my commitment to the ocean and a more sustainable future that is so fundamental for oceanography.

As a dedicated dinghy sailor, I already have the key knowledge of tides, currents and wind that will act as the foundation for my learning at university; building on this excites me. I have spent two consecutive summers working at two sailing schools: Rock and Fowey. Both jobs have allowed me to develop my leadership skills and have made me both more confident and more positive about the future I will follow in the ocean science sector.

I am also mindful about wider issues within the community. I have been working closely with the Women’s Equality Party through which I have become involved in The Red Box Project, which aims to combat period poverty in UK schools. I supported the organisation of the first fundraiser that successfully raised over £500. I plan to get involved with similar projects at university by joining a society that will evolve my ideas.

My experience of the marine environment has led me to understand more about its vitality in global processes. Through my voluntary work, I show my enthusiasm for an improved Earth and healthier oceans, that I have great ambition to learn more about through a degree in oceanography. My passion for this subject and hardworking nature will one day make me a determined scientist, with great eagerness to change the future of our oceans.

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Plymouth- Oceanography and Coastal Processes (BBB)
Plymouth- Ocean Science and Marine Conservation (BBB)
Portsmouth- Marine Environmental Science (UNCONDITIONAL)
Bangor- Geological Oceanography (BBC)
Brighton- Earth and Ocean Science (UNCONDITIONAL)

I wanted to upload this to help out anyone looking to study some form of ocean science as I really struggled to find any examples to help me write my own personal statement. I really hope this can be of some help!!


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