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The sheer intricacy of our planet is something that has always left me in utter amazement. From the creation of mountains to the way we as humans evolved. Science is a deep rooted love that has grown since I was a young child. It is my first and one true passion, and nothing has been able to squash my longing to learn more. Knowledge of the way the universe is shaped and the way our planet contains so many mysteries has been something that has always interested me. It has been a dream for so long to have a career in science. This dream has become a life goal.
The A levels that I am currently studying has given me the academic foundation needed to undertake a career in science. Biology has given me an understanding of how life has evolved incredibly to produce the many complex and fascinating organisms abundant on Earth, humans being a prime example. Studying evolution in the first year at college I grew to appreciate the immense complexity of the organisms that have taken million of years to perfect. Chemistry has given me a great insight to the elements involved in the formation of the Earth. Examining how slight differences in atomic structure can drastically change the characteristics of a chemical shows how intricate the earth truly is. There are huge varieties in the way that these chemicals can bond to create beautiful crystalline structures such as quartz or azurite. The experimental nature of these subjects will be beneficial to me in my future studies.
In addition, Mathematics and Philosophy showed me how to look at a problem from different angles yet work in a logical manner which I believe is essential in any career path. These subjects have not only given me an academic base, but a drive to want to further study how chemistry and biology has shaped the planet. In order to gain wider knowledge around my subjects I try and do some research on subject related topics. For example why do calcium ions cause exocytosis in processes such as nerve impulses? Learning about all the varieties and gaining all this knowledge about the planet truly inspires me to study it further at university.
During the summer I decided to obtain a work experience placement in a residential care home. I carried out different tasks, such as playing games with them, making them comfortable, helping them exercise and simply talking to them. Whilst at the placement, I learnt that a lot of the residents simply wanted independence, to still be able to retain their dignity; through this understanding I treated them like the individuals they were. I was also able me to improve my communication and social skills. Age Concern is another place where I volunteered and was able to obtain my ‘V Fifty’ award. Here I served lunch, interacted with the elderly, took part in different activities and sometimes danced with them when entertainment was provided. I was able to use some of my attributes as well as gain some new ones needed in the science field.
In my spare time I enjoy a wide range of creative and sporting activities; from dancing to singing in a choir to playing the violin in an orchestra. Dance especially is a passion of mine and I have performed in various locations including my local theatre and even care homes. I am glad that I started dancing from a young age because it has enabled me to be able to choreograph routines for my dance group which taught me leadership skills which were further developed when I organised a Black History Show during year 11. I often enjoy taking trips to the museum during the weekends and holidays especially the natural history and science museum. National geographic channel are channels I often watch in my free time to deepen my knowledge of our planet.
I am realistic of the amount of hard work it will take for me to study at university, I am more than aware of the sheer determination that I need to even begin considering take this course. I am realistic, aware and ready. Ready to one day become a great scientist.

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