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The dynamic relationship between human and physical geography is something I wish to explore. People such as David Attenborough and Brian Cox have further developed my interest and inspired me to travel to see extraordinary areas of natural beauty. Their documentaries have shown me many areas of the world I wish to explore.

As part of my Geographical studies I carried out a fieldwork investigation into the changing characteristics of the River Wear to observe how they varied over a short stretch of the river. Throughout this investigation I developed practical data collection and sampling skills such as measuring velocity and calculating river gradient.

This introduction to practical side of geography has strengthened my skills as a geographer, giving me a broadened knowledge of how real life geography works. These skills have been developed further as I have undertaken an investigation to examine the contrasting levels of deprivation in Durham.

Planning this investigation has allowed me to use teamwork skills, as to work efficiently with a small group of peers on such a large and difficult topic everyone had to understand and respect each other.

Report writing in World Development has allowed me to improve my literacy skills, preparing me to write extended, articulate answers. Critical analysis of articles has also allowed me to use evaluative skills on topical issues.

A visit to Italy brought to life the tectonics that I had previously studied in GCSE geography. While in Italy I climbed Mount Vesuvius, the sheer size of the volcano was incredible, the fact something that looks so innocent can cause so much destruction was truly astounding. Additionally I visited Pompeii to see the destruction left after the 79 A.D. eruption that destroyed the town.

To study glaciers is an ambition of mine, as they can alter the entire planet's climate which has many human and physical impacts. In order to study glaciation and the impacts it has on the planet I am undertaking an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) entitled ‘To what extent does the geographical phenomena of glaciers and glacial change affect the world around us?’.

The focus of this dissertation is to learn about why glaciers change and how these changes have affected the natural and developed world allowing me to hypothesise how continual changes will impact future societies.

E.P.Q is equipping me with essential high order study skills such as, skimming and scanning techniques to source relevant information. Furthermore, it is developing my organisation and time management skills as I am writing the project in my own time without direct teacher instruction. Writing the EPQ demonstrates motivation, dedication and initiative.

Dependency and reliability are further demonstrated in the roles I play in the local horse riding community, role has become increasingly hands on and people have entrusted me to school their horses and bring them on.

This requires a high level of discipline, perseverance, persistence and time management, as working with horses is complex, teaching me to adapt to quickly changing situations. In addition, I have gained social skills by working with a large variety of people in both a personal and professional capacity.

Competing on Pony Club teams to a Championship Level, in all three disciplines, has improved my confidence by performing in front of large crowds and to meet new people on a regular basis.

The development of Geographical knowledge and understanding will allow me to explore the dynamic relationship between human and physical geography.

This will give me the tools to participate in programs of glacier conservation in Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. In addition my ethos and ethic of hard work will facilitate my success in academic study.

Geography is the future; knowledge and understanding of geographical processes and interactions are fundamental to maintaining sustainable resources.

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I found starting my personal statement the hardest, so I looked at examples that I found online, once I got going it was easier to talk about why I enjoy the subject etc. However, talking about myself and 'bigging myself up' was really tricky, so I talked to my teachers a lot and handed in about 15 drafts before I got it right. It can be a long, stressful process but getting your personal statement right is very important.


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