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I am eager to study geography at a higher level as I want to develop my knowledge into the constantly changing aspects of geography. As a world we have all been affected by the ever-changing characteristics of our surroundings, including those of a mass scale or a miniscule level, as a proud geographer I want to investigate and learn about the direction of the world's growth, I feel this would help me as an experienced traveller I would of liked to class myself as aware of global situations, however as studying geography at a A level standard I have quickly realised that there is hidden traits within each country.

This made me keen to broaden my knowledge and as a result study in a more Indepth level. Living in the lake district I have seen first-hand how the modern world has affected natural landscape and how geographical processes has created the landforms of which we know today. Although I have only been witnessing to the most recent changes in my area, through geography I have increased my knowledge about the earth’s transformation through thousands of years and the probable future due to the detrimental effect of climate change.

Through my geographical knowledge I have also become increasingly aware by the inequalities that multiple countries face, through countries that suffer from geographical barriers and those of social barriers, this has raised my awareness that geography is influential on most levels of development and as a student I feel compelled to understand this more.

The effect that climate change has had on communities is outstanding, as communities have fallen to the pressures of many problems introduced by climate change, as such communities are becoming less resilient and not being able to ‘bounce back’, I would like to be persistent in developing my knowledge around this area, as I would feel it is important as an individual to realise the affects that climate change has had on human life and not just our wildlife.

I've realised that geography is a controversial topic as many people have different opinions up for debate. To be a part of this debate I have contributed to many debating societies, as part of my other a level I have participated in mock debates in which I have learnt to discuss and challenge other ideas, this has improved my communication skills. Living in the lake district conversation is vitally important for the protection of the nature and history of the lake district.

I have taken part in clearing bracken from local common areas to ensure biodiversity, especially shrubland species to become more established. Also, in my school years I have represented geography by volunteering in open evenings, this entailed promotion of the geography course to perspective new students. I felt this was necessary as a passionate geography student as I would feel compelled to share my knowledge. In recent years I have also gained the role of senior student which has given me an insight into the challenges within the school that has made me more capable of facing problematic situations.

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