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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" is an ever recurring question asked to me by many individuals, including myself. I have come to the conclusion that I will never come up with a final answer, as I have many ambitions and aspirations. However, I am certain about what I need to do in order to achieve a successful future, and that is to study what inspires and motivates me. Geography has always been a keen interest of mine, due to the relevance it has to everyday life and I believe that studying it at a higher level will help develop my understanding further, and broaden my views and knowledge of the world's natural and human processes. The extensive range of topics will keep me stimulated as I have a thirst for learning and discovering news things and the benefits that come from them. I am committed to studying Geography, both for its academic value and interest, and as a route way to the future.

My current studies include a range of subjects that interlink and I am able to draw on different aspects of each subject in order to contribute to my geography work. I find that A2 biology has complemented geography very well, as their course contents have a strong alliance with one another especially when studying "The Contested Planet" unit. With reference to fieldwork Maths A level has helped me demonstrate my ability to deal with complex concepts, data analysis and connecting logical results, for example with the use of the Poisson distribution model. Nowadays transnational relations are extremely important and having the ability to speak more than one language is vital in my opinion. After living for eight years in Spain, and studying the language in depth I hope that it will be of benefit when studying for my degree. I also spent a summer working in France in order to extend my linguistic skills beyond my studies at GCSE.

I have undertaken work experience and found myself a two week placement in a PR company. It required me to work on independent projects and as part of a team in order to complete tasks for individual clients. My time in France was spent working for a property rental company, where I was entrusted with the responsibility of managing apartments and dealing with the deposits and clientele. I have plans for the next summer to continue my work within the tourist industry.

I am an active traveller and take great pleasure in being immersed in different cultures and learning from my experiences. Malaysia's geographical features provided a fascinating insight into a totally different and unique way of life. In visiting mangrove swamps and indigenous rainforests first hand I had a very different learning experience from that in text books, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, having the opportunity to see phenomena such as the Grand Canyon and the pyramids has been an education in itself and has given me the motivation to learn how such things came about.

Extracurricular activities have been consistently present during my studies. I have always been a very active person and have achieved grading in activities such as ballet, trampolining and swimming. I am currently part of a netball team and hope in the future to enrol in sports at university. I am also a prolific reader and enjoy doing so in my spare time. Over the years I have also been involved in theatre productions with a local amateur dramatics company, acting in a range of plays from comedy to murder mystery. This has helped improve my self-confidence and my public speaking skills. I have also been able to apply my time management skills by balancing rehearsals with my school work. However, recently I have helped backstage as my studying has required more of my time.

The step up to higher education is going to be a challenge that I am looking forward to and I anticipate an exciting and very important experience whilst studying Geography at university. I hope to contribute to university life as well as benefiting hugely from it.

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It took a long time but it seemed to pay off as I received 5/5 offers! I hope it helps anyone else to write theirs and good luck!!


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thats's really good, what

thats's really good, what grades did you get at AS and A2 because I was thinking of kings but I heard that they also take the grade of the subject your dropping into consideration do you know if that's true?

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