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Geography is the study of the world, and as geographers we hold the keys to the world’s problems. Geography encompasses many things from natural disasters, eco-systems, to globalisation and development, all of which are areas which fascinate me. It is essential for deciphering and solving the issues that the world is faced with, and by furthering my geographical knowledge, it will enhance my ability to tackle the imminent problems such as overpopulation.

My studies have inspired me to further my knowledge. I am a member of the Royal Geographical Society and a regular attendee of their lectures. Sir Crispin Tickell's talk on the human future and his Malthusian view fascinated me, as it couples my passion for food with Geography. Due to this I have focused my Extended Project Qualification on agricultural sustainability. My research has led me to look into agricultural processes, destruction of ecosystems, and questions related to pesticide usage. Reading Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' highlighted the impacts of pesticides, because diseases such as cancer and Down syndrome are linked with their overuse. As part of my wider research I enjoyed reading periodicals such as The Geographical Review, The Economist, The Guardian and the Geographical. An article from the Geographical investigating how sustainable agriculture is implemented in low income countries intrigued me. A method used was vermicomposting, a procedure which allows farmers to create compost from waste. This is cost efficient and sustainable, demonstrating alternatives to current farming techniques.

I have been involved in a range of aspects in my fieldwork, from constructing the trip to the establishment of the initial hypotheses. These trips have enabled me to reinforce my geographical skills, particularly in relation to interpreting and analysing information and data. I was able to see the cross-curricular links my world cities unit had, consolidating my Economics and History knowledge, allowing me to understand how cities develop historically and their wider significance to the world economy.

In addition to my studies, I have taken advantage of numerous opportunities to refine my skills. At my internships at KPMG, Fidelity Worldwide Investments, and Ernst and Young, I assisted in the completion of reports and proposals under strict deadlines, whilst also presenting at partner meetings. Also, I have raised over £3,500 for various charities and completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. This has allowed me to apply both my navigation and map reading skills learnt in class to navigate the planned route for the expedition.

Furthermore, I was selected to represent the UK in the International Space Design Competition at the Johnston Space Centre in Texas. Competing with Argentine, American and British students, I was elected president of the international team. During the competition I was able to apply all the skills I had learnt in my extra-curricular activities. We produced an in-depth proposal, detailing everything about our space settlement, from the logistics of building and transporting resources into space, to the costing of the whole structure; all in an attempt to win the contract in just forty-eight hours.

Geography is constantly evolving and relevant. This drives my passion for the subject; I believe that the skills I have attained through my outgoing nature alongside my passion for the subject make me a valued addition to your institution. I am sociable, ambitious and academically able, but most importantly dedicated.

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This personal statement was written by aidanlyp for application in 2014.

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I applied for Geography in October in accordance to the Oxbridge deadline just because I had it all done and finished in time and wanted my PS sent off ASAP. I applied for F800 geography at everywhere except for the university I wanted to go to most (UCL, which I was rejected by), I applied for the F801 at UCL - the course with a year abroad.

I hope you like my PS and hopefully it helps you with writing yours!


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