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I first became interested in Geography when the subject allowed me to explore different answers to problems that we currently face around the world. One of the areas within Geography that captivates me is climate change. Learning about how different people are affected by it and how it is caused, has developed my understanding of the Earth’s natural processes. My enthusiasm for tackling climate change enabled myself to take part in a European Comenius Project, where students from Germany and my college came together to discuss the effects of climate change. Different students presented their own ideas and opinions at the conference. This has increased my understanding of the challenge, of overcoming differences to reach an agreeable outcome.

Throughout studying A-level Geography, I have carried out several Geographical fieldworks such as investigating the flood risk in an area and assessing rebranding schemes. This has allowed me to improve my fieldwork and research techniques, through using different methods of sampling and conducting experiments, for example a surface-run off assessment over different types of topographies. These skills allow me to appreciate the role of fieldwork in geographical investigations and will aid me in conducting fieldwork in my degree. Studying ICT has improved my ICT and problem-solving skills, through developing a web-based system. This will allow me to solve problems logically and assess new technologies to answer geographical issues. Studying German has both enhanced my linguistic skills and my global awareness of culture, through examining the history of Germany and its modern social aspects. This allowed me to efficiently apply my understanding to the human migration part of my Geography course.

I attended a taster course which gave me an insight into both human and physical Geography. The area that I found particularly fascinating was geomorphological processes, where we discussed whether or not the UK was at risk of tsunamis. Since the concept was new to me, it gave me a chance to examine the concept and draw links to historic events. During a summer school, I completed an academic assignment, which was similar to the work an undergraduate student would undertake. Both experiences have increased my understanding of what studying Geography at degree level will be like, supporting myself to prepare for the challenge.

Last summer I completed a self-organised research placement at a UK university Geography department. I worked closely with academics to conduct different research on areas such as 19th century crime in London and finding out whether seabird migration has an impact on the environment. During my time I gained understanding in how to process and analyse large amounts of data, including the importance of using different data types and sources for research. This experience has helped me to effectively research and evaluate geographical issues.

During my time as an e-Ambassador, I work closely within a team to find ways of improving, innovating and integrating technology into learning. I have developed several of my skills including leadership, teamwork, presentation and communication skills, through working alongside others on projects and at conferences.

Being an active member of our college environmental group, I do a variety of work such as gardening and promoting sustainability. This has allowed me to become more aware of the environment, making changes to my lifestyle to preserve it. Working among others has developed discussion on how we can take steps to improve our environment, which has increased my interest in climate change even more.

Although words cannot fully convey my desire and motivation for the subject that binds us all, I hope that I have demonstrated that I would strongly like to study Geography to get a wider sense and an understanding of the world we live in and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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I first became interested in Geography when the subject allowed me to explore different answers to problems that we currently face around the world....


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