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As our environment is constantly changing, the study of Geography is imperative to explaining the complex processes and forces behind it, whether they are natural or man made. We all have a duty to understand the relationship between humans and our environment and focus on the sustainability of our stewardship of the Earth.

I am currently studying Sociology at A-level, having already completed two of my A-levels in Biology and Geography. Having not studied Geography at GCSE, I was entirely unsure of what Geography entailed and how it is a subject that relates to many aspects of my life.

It was not solely the content of the course which sparked my enthusiasm for Geography, but the obvious passion of my teacher. He made it current and relevant to my life, one way he did this was by making us study the geography of Coventry to see how risks and the vulnerability of people are evident in my own city which can then allow us to develop strategies to reduce the vulnerability of people in high risk areas. I took part in a residential trip to Dol-y-moch in Snowdonia which showed me how important fieldwork and research are to understanding geographical processes, their impact and whether they are human or physical; for example, the rebranding of Blaenau Ffestiniog which demonstrated how Geography can show us directions to help out with the economic regeneration of a depressed area. I am fascinated by natural hazards in particular and through wider reading, such as the Geography Review and Natural Hazards, 2nd Edition by Steve Frampton, I established a deep curiosity of how nature can so mercilessly affect the planet and what it takes to monitor and predict a natural hazard. It is evident there are diverse career pathways I can pursue from doing this course and I hope to gain direction to which best suits my personality and interests, not only from the course, but from university life.

I believe I am an extremely sociable person and can get on with range of people from a variety of backgrounds. I am keen to become an independent individual and to gain life experience and skills from my time at university. I have completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award which allowed me to develop teamwork and communication skills which will be crucial when carrying out fieldwork and group-work at university. I am currently employed as a Barista, working between 10 to 30 hours a week. Such commitment has helped me with my time management alongside my A level studies. I am able to carry out my job to my best ability while ensuring my studies are of a consistent high standard. I enjoyed taking part in extra-curricular activities throughout my time in education, I was part of the yearbook committee during my GCSE’s and while in sixth form I was involved in the production of a fashion show which raised £1000 for charity. These activities allowed me to not only use my teamwork and communication skills but to develop them even further while being an active member of the school community. I have developed a yearning to use Geography in my future in a way which will allow me to express my enthusiasm whilst striving to make a difference and believe higher education is the best way I can begin doing so.

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