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In a world that is constantly changing, the importance of people to study these changes is ever-increasing, and as geographers it is our duty to do so. The key factor that sparked my interest for Geography is that you can learn more about it every day as there are links to Geography where ever you look. I love that the content will need continuously updating, which allows there to be a constant flow of new information that I am able to assess and evaluate. Even this morning whilst I was watching the news, I noticed a possible conflict arising as Chinese jets flew into Japanese airspace, and I linked this to the topic of superpowers, where each country is constantly trying to portray it's power in a variety of ways; may it be military, cultural or economic.

One aspect of Geography that initially captivated me was the development gap and the differences between societies and cultures all around the world. My interest in this particular topic has lead to me researching further the effects of a country's GDP on the way that the habitants of the country live, and whether other factors influence people's lifestyle. However, the physical aspects of Geography also fascinate me, especially supervolcanoes, which I have done extensive research on. Yellowstone predominantly intrigued me because of the worldwide effects that a cataclysmic eruption could cause (such as a volcanic winter), and the way this would affect populations all around the globe.

During my final year at secondary school I was a member of both the prom committee and the student council, which has allowed me to develop imperative skills such as leadership and teamwork and has meant that I am able to assess situations and find the best solution. Furthermore, I have been involved in a variety of drama productions and was a key member of the drama club for 5 years whilst I was at comprehensive school, dramatically increasing my confidence. Whilst I have been at college, I have been on a trip to Blencathra Field Study Centre, where I was able to carry out independent fieldwork to study the impacts of tourism and flooding on the Lake District.

Presently, I study Geography, along with Spanish and Psychology. I believe that these subjects have expanded my knowledge of the world as I can learn about the culture derived from Spain and the way that this has impacted on other cultures around the world through its language and customs. Furthermore, from Spanish I have developed communication skills by presenting my work to the class, whereas Geography and Psychology have augmented my analytic and critical evaluation skills through essays.

I am currently employed by McDonald's, which has enabled me to be affiliated with a worldwide brand and I can compare this to my 2 week work experience at The Wishing Well Café. Both roles have developed my ability to work under pressure and have refined my communication skills, along with helping me with my time management as I have completed it alongside my A-Level studies. This is because I have had to work in a kitchen in order to provide excellent customer service. I have also explored and assessed the differences between the jobs and how the global standing of a brand can influence the way in which it performs.

Geography encompasses many things, from biodiversity and eco-systems, to migration and globalisation, all of which fascinate me. The idea that Geography is continually evolving drives my passion for the subject, and makes me motivated and dedicated to perform well.

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