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Few career paths allow for a direct impact on physical and human life, whilst being academically challenging yet providing endless diversity. Geography is a subject I find challenging, invigorating, and, even before my school studies, something that has captivated me.

It has never been restricted to just the classroom. My first interest for geography began in the summer of 2006 when I summited Jungfraujoch on a tram. I was perplexed at how the environment could change so drastically in the space of one hour.

From green fields and 25-degree heat to a snowy environment where water would freeze in a cup almost instantly. Since then, my encounters over the years with the human and physical world have opened my eyes
into the world we live in. All of these encounters have helped me to understand how geography has shaped and played an important role in the evolution of humanity, our ideas, places and environments.

Material provided by the National Geographic has always interested me and in particular an article on 'Gender Revolution'. It explored the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity. This read cemented and exemplified the thought that geography is such a broad and boundless subject.

Extracurricular qualifications have always been something that I have taken full advantage of and completing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award has required me to use maps, geographic information systems, data analysis and to make sensible judgements on the physical area. The broad spectrum that geography offers greatly invigorates me and I eagerly anticipate burrowing further at university.

My study of sociology delves further into human aspects of geography through the ethical and moral perspectives I have developed.

My understanding of social theories has removed my ethnocentric attitude. Instead, I have a much clearer understanding as to why different groups of people (ethnic, social, economic, age, gender) behave in a certain way, or believe in a certain idea. It has become clear to me how sociology and geography share a bilateral relationship and how they are inextricably linked.

Outside of the school curriculum I am a religious user of Quora in which I enjoy reading articles from Sociologists in the current era (Tavera Tora, Johannes Sulistyo), helping me to further understand the dynamics of today's society.

Throughout my sociology course I have been able to explore the structure of society and the role of the individual in more depth. Stemming from sociological perspectives, it has made me question the way I view society as a whole, with most of it coming from the conflict between Functionalist's and Marxist's viewpoints. The researching, evaluating and debating important sociological issues, political ideologies and perspectives have provided me with invaluable skills for University.

I lead an active school life, balancing interests with academics. Outside of school I used to be a Sergeant in the Air Cadets. The role as sergeant allowed responsibility for 50 younger cadets, liaising with staff and Non-commissioned Officers to ensure activities run smoothly.

I am a keen marksman and captain of the shooting team, helping to coach younger firers through competitions. A huge part of my life has been devoted to Athletics and Rugby which has enabled me to compete at both club, county and national level. A lot of hard work and sacrifices has been dedicated to these sports and I wish to pursue them at University.

All of my commitments require time-management, leadership, organisational and listening skills, all of which are essential to my future success. These transferable skills were utilised when I, as part of a small team, reached the finals of the Cyber Specialist course during my time as a Cadet.

Although social science requires high levels of commitment, dedication and work whilst presenting a demanding challenge that other careers do not, it is a career path I am determined to pursue.

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Applied for Geography and Sociology.
Uni of Leeds - Geography - Offer - Conditional
Uni of Sheffield - Geography - Offer - Conditional
Uni of Sheffield - Sociology - Offer - Conditional
Uni of Liverpool - Geography - Offer - Conditional
Sheffield Hallam - Sociology - Offer - Unconditional


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