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Geography affects all aspects of our lives. One of the beauties of the subject is that wherever you look, there are links to geography. Even as I write this, there are connections all around. The sky is full of the typical unpredictable rainclouds, contrasting the bright blue skies opposite. A neighbour, who has migrated to the UK for work, is getting in his car, one of the many increasing vehicles on my road. On close inspection, the street lights are visible, however wasted in the already bright surroundings from the sun, ever-increasing carbon dioxide emissions. Although I had an interest to continue all my subjects, I feel geography is the one that captures my imagination best, as it is ever-changing. The world is evolving all the time and therefore the geography we learn needs updating. I am fascinated by how these changes will never end; populations will always alter, tectonic plates will forever move, and coastlines will eternally erode. There will always be new information, so I will never lose interest. Furthermore, I feel my travels to America and Mexico have enabled me to see first-hand the causes and effects I have studied. I was fascinated with the economic differences between the two countries, and how this affected migration levels. In addition, my detailed fieldwork investigation in Abergavenny enabled me to research physical geography in person, such as witnessing a cap-rock falling, and the river changes down the stream.
I am interested in combining one of my passions with the subject I love. This has led to my application to combined courses. I have a vast interest in technology and the internet. I have a large range of ICT skills developed through my study of ICT in GSCE (two years early), and in my A-Level in Art, which was based on Photoshop. In addition, I regularly compose videos, create music and experiment with programs all over the web. I enjoy presenting my studies in these formats as I believe technology is the most efficient way to understand the information, therefore my skills in this department can improve the knowledge of my peers.
I have a great passion in sport, especially football. I have played 11aside football regularly for the last 5 years, for Barnes, a semi-professional team. This has improved my communication and leadership skills. I have also engaged in football coaching which has consequently improved my communication and management skills. Furthermore, I am a keen supporter of my local team, Brentford FC. This has enabled me to travel all over the UK, improving my awareness of the social, economic and environmental differences in the UK. Moreover, I have a great interest in music, particularly guitar. I have won my schools intermediate music competition, and can read and play advanced guitar compositions, up to grade 8. I believe my discipline in learning these compositions, has given me the patience and mindset that can be applied to my studies.
However, my prime passion is geography itself. While I am more attracted to human Geography, I am open to study a range of physical and environmental geography too, as I fully comprehend the importance of the links between the three. I anticipate being able to further experience geographical issues, as well as making a difference in developing communities. This is exemplified by my membership in the royal geographical society. This has advanced my learning in geography significantly, and enabled me to share my passion for places, travel and the environment with other geographers.
I also feel my other A-levels have improved my skills in geography. My A-level in history has improved my essay writing skills, and my A-level in maths has enabled me to understand statistics and correlations to a greater extent. I understand the commitment required to studying degree level Geography, and I am excited by the challenge, and believe the social and academic skills necessary will assist me in a geography related career.

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This personal statement was written by r4brentford for application in 2010.

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