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Geography is a subject that inspires me greatly, mainly due to the nature of studying a subject that evolves constantly around our daily lives. Current issues such as climate change, natural hazards and their interconnectedness are areas of geography I am excited to study in depth at a degree level.

The initial spark that started my interest in Climate change was a result of my frequent visits to India. In a sense it was the 'what' has happened before the 'why' that led to my wider reading on the issue.

Seeing the periodic devastation first hand in the Bengal region on the Eastern coast of India, prompted my own research as to why some areas of the world were continually susceptible to catastrophic flooding events.

My own research has involved me working towards a module with the Open University titled 'Climate Change', where I have learned about factors such as radiative forcing which has given me insight into the physics of the atmosphere, while also developing my independent learning skills. In order to gain a holistic understanding of what I am studying, I grasp at opportunities to visit new places to see geography first hand.

In Summer 2017, I visited Ometepe Island in Nicaragua as part of a World Challenge expedition. I investigated various areas of the island which included looking at the impact of the volcano on agriculture and how it directly and indirectly impacts on quality of life of the locals.

Volunteering with the local people who face the primary consequences raised my awareness on the geographical understanding of why climate change and natural hazards are a threat. I want to study this area of geography further so I can apply this knowledge in my future career to bridge the gap between scientific causes to human consequences.

As well as geography, biology and chemistry have given me a scientific basis which has helped me tie together my understanding of physical processes. These allied subjects have given me skills in data analysis and interpretation as well as strong confidence in statistics which have been especially useful when analysing data for my independent investigation to draw valid conclusions and determine further research.

Using GIS tools during my coursework has given me skills to geo-locate several forms of data onto one map, a skill I am positive will help me in a BSc degree pathway. My independent investigation has heightened my love for geography.

Going out in the field independently gave me freedom to collect my own data to support geographical theories I had researched, with regard to investigating social inequality in a deprived ward.

I particularly enjoyed learning about the residents’ perspectives on this issue, however I had to constantly be sensitive to the ethical dimensions of the task which was often challenging. Having to meet regular deadlines has allowed me to exercise my time management skills and improve my research ability.

My engagement in school life has consolidated my focus for University life. Being Deputy Head girl at school, my main role as head of peer and academic mentoring has given me responsibility to be a role model. Mentoring a younger student has shown me the value of good listening skills and importance of communication in a professional and non-professional environment.

Achieving a silver in the intermediate maths challenge demonstrates my ability to tackle problems logically. My resilient qualities such as hard-work and determination have been represented through selection to play for the North of England in Junior Regional performance level hockey.

My goal to gain greater involvement in steps to reverse climate change was reinforced by a trip to the UN HQ in Vienna, where I attended a lecture on sustainable development. The lecture stressed how combating climate change involves global involvement and inspired me to want to be a part of this global movement after obtaining a degree in geography.

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