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My enthusiasm for Geography was initially fostered when, in a series of art lessons, we were given 'National Geographic' magazine to use. Drawn in by the stunning photographs, I began to read the fascinating articles that they accompanied. This was the spark that lit my enthusiasm for the subject.

Over time, my interest in the subject has developed further; I subscribe to both 'National Geographic' and the less US-centric 'Geographical'; and when they arrive each month, I am genuinely excited by the prospect of widening my knowledge of subjects such as the culture of Mongolians living in a remote province of China, the exploration of previously uncharted caves in the Netherlands or yet more influences of climate change upon the environment and human life.

I am intrigued by the way a single subject can encompass so many strands of life; the relationship between humans and the natural environment has immense effects on issues as diverse as poverty, transport systems, migration and globalisation. This symbiotic relationship is fundamental to all our lives. I am keen to further my knowledge of issues that can affect important political policy and increase environmental awareness, thereby helping predict (and protect) future impact on the planet and coming generations.

All my AS subjects have been beneficial in providing a wide range of skills and insights which will support my study of Geography at degree level. Media encouraged me to undertake independent research and enhanced my awareness of contemporary global issues. English strengthened my appreciation of reading a broad variety of texts. By contrast, Biology enabled me to develop scientific research, in depth fieldwork skills and analytical skills, pertinent to the nature of Geography.

In studying AS Geography my appreciation of the interconnections between traditional humanities subjects was heightened. This, coupled with my interest in societal development and general determination and dedication in regards to my studies, has prompted me to take up the exciting challenge of completing both AS and A2 History in my upper sixth year. The importance of understanding the past events that have shaped the world we live in- and study- today prompted this decision.

Geography can have great political impact. It has influenced my involvement in the anti-war movement. I am an active member of the international Stop The War Coalition and a founding member and convenor of Liverpool branch of School Students Against War. In this capacity I work with both peers and the wider community. In my role as convenor I have organised regular local meetings, national conferences and steering committees, actions including marches, lobbies and petitions as well as fundraising events such as gigs.

I have been fortunate in having the opportunity of fairly extensive travel. I enjoy seeing life from alternative perspectives. Travel allows me to explore geographical theory in a living setting, whether it be seeing, first-hand, the realities of life under a socialist system in Cuba or discovering landforms created by glaciation whilst camping in North Wales.

For my work experience placement, I spent a fortnight working at COMTECHSA, a community architects in central Liverpool. This gave me experience of being in a 'real' workplace- writing report, liaising with the public and contributing to meetings. It linked strongly to my Geography studies as I learnt a great deal about town planning, sustainable building policy and environmental impact in architectural design.

I would love to study Geography to degree level, as the prospect of furthering my knowledge of a subject about which I am passionate is amazing. I would greatly enjoy studying- and hopefully contributing to- the ever-growing knowledge of Geography, or, as it has been put more succinctly, learning more about 'the why of where'.

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This personal statement was written by lucygettings for application in 2007.


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The third paragraph should be

The third paragraph should be the start. Mentioning National Geographic so much in the beginning will put any real geographer off immediately.


interesting, bit of a drag...

this is boring

this is boring

i though this personal

i though this personal stament was the best so far as it had alot of details to why the person was interest what triger it and what particulary inspired them too look deep into it as well as the use of language being outstanding the description its self of the passion was great wish this person well

boring and boasts too much

boring and boasts too much

Not bad...

Not bad...
National Geographic isn't very intellectual though.


I think this is a good P.S. I don't think it boast too much...that's what a P.S is for. I like the way you have mentioned the environment and why it has your interest!

Too wordy. My eyes are

Too wordy. My eyes are tripping over the words; not a good thing.

Thanks for the tip on not putting Nat Geo first.

this is a really bad

this is a really bad statement and boring...
dont expect any offers anytime soon... =[

this personal is not as good

this personal is not as good as mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very impressive personal

very impressive personal statement

more about you

This is a good personal statement in regards to your understanding of Geography and highlighting your passion for the subject, but there isn't quite enough about you in it. It is called a "personal statement" because universities want to find out more about you; their prospective student. I'd condense the first three paragraphs into one, take out the National Geographic stuff (maybe replace it with an accredited journal such as 'Science') and add in more about your extra-curricular activities, personality, strengths and acheivements.

Saying that, this is well written though- just put more of YOU in it! x

Definitely the best geography

Definitely the best geography personal statement on here. The interest in the subject really comes across.

I really like your final

I really like your final paragraph, helped me with mine.

the last paragrpah was

the last paragrpah was helpful with mine too! Thanks! =]



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