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A trip to the capital city of Iceland; Reykjavík, shaped distinctively by its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I noticed how fundamental tourism and investment in geothermal energy had resulted in a strong correlation of economic growth for the country.

This first began in the 1990’s. Iceland took on extensive free market reforms that also contributed to a high level of economic freedom, as well as forming a nation which topped the HDI. With abundant energy resources and like-minded eco- friendly inhabitants, sustainability was promising.

However, 2010’s Eyjafjallajokull’s volcanic explosion had caused 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere per day, disrupted air patterns and shut down the air space of 20 countries. This example had presented that human and physical geography, with their many individual factors, had coincided.

These two elements combined can explain the reasons for both of our past and present’s environmental and economic climates, and may even help us to predict our futures. It is for these reasons that I question: Will we ever have the power to solely govern our planet, by artificially altering our physical surroundings. Or does Mother Nature play a bigger role than we had once hoped for?

A gap year has not only allowed me to begin volunteering at Camley’s Street Education Programme. A project responsible for environmental education, that includes practical work, and general maintenance around the park.

I thoroughly enjoy spending my time working locally; as I believe I am making a greater impact. I was also in the position to be able to find employment to finance my future studies, as the position of the personal assistant for the director of a commercial electrical contractor and portable appliance testing company.

This opportunity has also led me to have experience with solar panel installations and inspired me to study Physics AS. Being particularly fond of environmental conservation; I spent a week at Landmark barrister’s chamber that provides legal advice and advocacy in four key areas: Environment, Planning, Property and Public Law. This experience allowed me to use my Geographical skills within the English Legal system that I found greatly rewarding.

I fuel my knowledge on global matters not only by reading the Natural Geographic, but the New Scientist and the Economist as well. Through out the course of my A level studies, I spent independent time researching other controversial topics, as well as being intrigued by human geography and its comparable link with Economics and Politics.

I held the post as environmental ambassador run by Peace Child, a non profit organisation. By visiting primary schools I was able to independently organize lessons and present to pupils the importance of climate change and sustainability, through a series of power points, games and video clips.

Our achievements included gaining environmental status for the school, with being funded for our largest project of installing a 2.5 kHz wind turbine.

Participating in all aspects of school life, from senior dancing in annual school musicals, guiding on open days and representing the school in yearly Barnet Gymnastic and Trampoline Competitions has helped me gain excellent time management skills. Alongside my studies I have trained in the theatre, classical ballet and modeling for an agency.

I am currently studying Grade 9 Ballet and Jazz. On yearly summer and winter vacations to Austria, my hobbies include glacial skiing and sailing; this was another starting point for my fascination of different ecosystems and their processes.

I believe that my academic experience, personal skill set and versatility mean that I would be the perfect candidate to study geography. My future ambition may even follow a legal path as I enjoy my focus being on environmental and planning issues. As well as this I would possibly like to educate and inspire others about the importance of Geography and how every element of the subject fits tightly into modern day society.

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On my gap year, so I may find the opportunity to add more experiences to this statement later on during the year.


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