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Geography is a discipline I have never wanted to give up. After each stage I find myself wanting to know more and explore the topics I've already covered.
Studying Geography at A Level developed my understanding, as I realized the rich interactions between the human and physical worlds. I revelled in linking different topics together, using my ever-widening knowledge spectrum to come to conclusions. I was able to do this in my research report on how far physical factors govern global disparities. At A Level, I enjoyed learning about climate and how the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans interact to dictate global climates. I came to understand that the delicate balance of the globe is dependent on not one factor, but many interlinking factors. Environmental determinism particularly interested me, especially with regard to the effect of the migration of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone. Through my research, I came to appreciate how climate restrains development and suspends whole nations in vicious circles. Studying Geography has increased my knowledge and understanding of current affairs and topical issues, and I am now more concerned with the causes and implications of such relevant phenomena in today's world. For instance, global warming, migration, the development gap, unfair trade and diminshing finite resources are all topics that I have gained solid background knowledge in.
A Level Mathematics has exploited my ability to attack complex problems, whilst thinking laterally and combining different skills to reach a solution. Geography demands an open-mind, and the facility to draw upon different areas of study to come to sound conclusions. The continued practise of my logic has kept these skills refreshed and extended my ability to approach geographical issues with more precision and care. The presentation of data is key in the success of geographic reports, and I found that I was competent in selecting appropriate presentation methods due to Mathematics. Within A2 Mathematics, I took a statistics module, which proved to be very useful in Geography. For example, using formulae such as Spearman's Rank to work out strength of relationships is valuable within Geography as two variables often interact-river velocity and river sinuosity for example.
Biology compliments Geography well and throughout A Level there was a lot of synergy between the two subjects. Indeed, I often found the overlapping topics most appealing. Patterns of disease and health across the world, and how this links with wealth and education particularly engaged me and I enjoyed being able to use my geographical knowledge in biology. I have always taken a keen interest in the reasons for the development gap, the state of the developing world and the future for such countries. New agricultural techniques and technological advancements concerning Genetic Modification in biology excite me as such developments could be invaluable to feeding the world and alleviating poverty.
I am a committed sportswoman and I have represented the school at all sports, captaining the hockey and tennis teams. I was lucky to have the opportunity to play National League hockey in the most recent 2 seasons representing Exmouth/Exe Hockey Club. This involved a considerable amount of determination, effort and time, especially as it ran parallel with A Levels, but it taught me how to balance important commitments.
Whenever possible, I offered my service to the school in my spare time as I have always been keen to contribute and feel part of the school community. I also participated in the school mock trial team, and my efforts to this cause were rewarded when our team won the National Final in '04.
Geography is a diverse subject, which compliments my open-minded nature and and allows me to combine both my scientific and artistic abilities. The subject quenches my thirst to learn all I can about everything and this is what compels me to continue my study of it at higher education.

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THIS IS brilliant-gah i hate the competition!you will so get all your offers, you have the academics sorted and now the personal statment the only thing stopping you is your referees hate you....just messing!well done!



I am just starting my personal statement, and after reading your it has truly inspired me to put as much effort into my P.S as you obviously did. How long did it take you to do this? and did you get all offers?
Well done !!!! and Thanks a lot x


too much text... cannot read...

you put and twice

you put and twice

you put and twice

you put and twice

I hate my life

I hate my life

Wow, if only we were aloud to

Wow, if only we were aloud to copy and paste. Would you mind telling us what unis you are appling to, it'd be nice to have something to compare myself to.

yh gayyyy

yh gayyyy

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