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At first glance, my A Level choices appear scientifically biased, but they underpin key topics studied in Geography. I enjoy investigating the theories of global economies, population and poverty. The mathematics I have studied enables me to manipulate raw data meaningfully. I am attracted by the breadth of branches in Geography and would like to equip myself with skills to work domestically and internationally, in fields such as critical evaluation and analysis of GIS. I often undertake independent research to enhance my knowledge. For example, for the AS Population module, I read the entire Malthus essay, 'Principle of Population', which was not all relevant for that topic, but the extra detail enhanced my analytical skills and appetite for further study. During the last year, I have compiled a political-economic resource from various publications, including TIME magazine, which I use in case studies and share with fellow students to add to our discussions about the world today. For example, I have collated numerous articles on the Syria crisis, to use in the "conflicts" topic later this term.

I have entered the Royal Geographical Society essay competition, "How does the local geography of your area differ from the rest of the UK?" I undertook surveys and used National Census Data, organising it logically and coherently. I found that the relative proportion of immigrants living in Thame is low and further research led me to conclude this may be due to the lack of TNC presence. Globalisation study at A Level whetted my interest in economic geography. After reading, "Winner Take All", by Dambisa Moyo, about China's rush for commodities, I encountered Sinopec, a government-owned company which buys large stakes in oil companies. I am excited about the future of these companies and hope to engage with them in the future.

I first became interested in human geography and world economics when I visited China in year 7 and I subsequently renewed my intention to learn more about physical geography during a World Challenge expedition to Ecuador. I enjoyed identifying the various lavas and explaining to my group how a mantle plume and hotspot formed the Galapagos. Assessing the human geography as we explored the settlements brought the class work alive for me. I saw poverty cohabiting with wealth, and witnessed life values so different to our western world. I had two years to raise the funds for the trip, which required organisation, time management and determination. I taught myself sufficient Spanish to interact effectively with native people and to make the most of the trip.

The skills used in applied geography were useful when analysing data during a summer job with a local insurance brokerage. In addition to general office work, the placement included a two-day course run by the Chartered Insurance Institute. I learned how insurance works, customer interaction and general business administration skills. My confidence, writing and general communications were given a boost, all useful assets for a geography student. I will need to be poised when talking and presenting to diverse audiences about my work. I demonstrate this at the Debating Society, where I have spoken about wide-ranging issues, including "Should assisted suicide be legalised?" It has also helped me secure work experience at Lloyd's of London, where I will sit alongside an underwriter in his professional capacity, when he will potentially underwrite risks involving many millions of pounds.

I represent the school in Eton Fives, where communication and dedication is essential. I helped as a classroom assistant in science lessons in a local junior school for a year and I am currently working in my school's shop.
I endeavour to make the most of any opportunity and I look forward to the chance of working collaboratively on a cutting-edge research project, where I can enhance the scientific nature of the task and use my mathematical abilities to analyse results.

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Still looking for something to add to it to make it sand out a bit more. I'm partlicularly keen on a human geography weighted course, and am looking for a bit of help if anyone's got any.


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