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Geography is a single subject that enables me to study many different topics that I have a passionate interest in. Through studying the subject I can satisfy my interest in many physical topics such as how the features of the landscape were formed and the climate but also human topics such as population and industry.

I am currently enjoying the Advanced Higher course, which I feel will be an excellent preparation for my further study of the subject at university. My geographical study-a town centre comparison-requires a considerable amount of fieldwork, which includes land use mapping, questionnaires and pedestrian and traffic surveys.

Along with geography, I am very keen to study sociology. I thoroughly enjoyed the higher sociology course last year and found it interesting to study how society influences our actions and how society is made up. At the end of my fifth year, I received a certificate of distinction for my achievements in sociology throughout the year. I am committed to study for a Joint Honours degree in geography and sociology and have no doubt that I am very well suited to these subjects. After I obtain my degree, I am not sure what I want to do but I hope to learn about different careers whilst studying.

Currently in my sixth year, I was selected as a prefect after an interview with the Headteacher. This post means I must carry out several duties in a responsible manner. I am a member of the buddy-scheme, which involves me doing paired reading with a first year. I find it satisfying to know I am helping with his reading skills.

However, it can be difficult at times and so it requires commitment and patience on my part. In addition to this I help out in a second year French class once a week. On being selected as reporter in the yearbook committee, I am required to produce reports on various sixth-year events. I find it rewarding to participate in the production of our yearbook. It has also improved my teamwork and communication skills.

Last September, I was certificated with the completion of a two-day 'Understanding Industry' course. This gave me a thorough insight into the way businesses run and enhanced my teamwork and leadership qualities.

In my spare time, I enjoy most sport and regularly make use of the local gym. I am a very sociable person so I like to spend a lot of my time with friends but I have the ability to balance my social life and my academic life efficiently. I have done a lot of travelling which has allowed me to see many different places and cultures. This has been beneficial to both my studies of geography and sociology.

Overall, I have great enthusiasm for studying geography and sociology at university level. I also look forward to fully participating in all aspects of university life.

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not paragraphed

no direction at all but nice try

Sorry mate nice try but i

Sorry mate nice try but i cant read.

Lacks forward planing and

Lacks forward planing and direction. Try and organise your personal statement in sections and keep to a topic in each section.
I would not say that you don't know what you want to do after your degree though.
Hope this helps, wish you all the best!

Quite good but needs more

Quite good but needs more information. If i am right i understand you went to the same sixth Form as me. Rainhill Sixth Form by any chnace?
Good luck with everythin


is this your actual personal statement or just an explanation of what youve been doing recently?

I actually can't read it...

I actually can't read it... what's with the formatting?


I have fixed the formatting on this personal statement. If anyone notices any other statements which are incorrectly formatted please point them out.

this is one of the best

this is one of the best statements i have read, i really hope you got into the university of your choice



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