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All through my academic life I have found Geography extremely interesting because of the vast range of topics involved with it and how it relates to every subject in one way or another. I have a particular interest in the physical side of Geography and especially the topics of: climate change, coasts, hazards and the environment. I find climate change especially interesting as so little is known about it and have decided to explore this area in my extended project. I find coasts fascinating because so much happens around them and I enjoy learning about coastal processes.

My interest in the environment led me to attending the Vitacress Conservation Trust annual lecture, which informed me on how renewable energy can play a role in the recovery of the economies. I found this interesting as it was a point of view of renewable energy I had never had explained to me. I enjoy reading National Geographic and Geography Review and find a lot of articles very stimulating, particularly an article in Geography Review about how a tombolo is formed. I also enjoy watching environmental programmes such as Frozen Planet and Human Planet. I found Human planet especially interesting as it was all about how humans had adapted to live in different conditions all over the world.

Earlier this year I visited Iceland, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I saw a wide range of fascinating geographical features. These included countless waterfalls, a Glacier, Strokkur Geyser, the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal power station, Reynisfjara beach with its Basalt columns and new volcanic islands. I not only enjoy admiring these but I also enjoy learning how they are formed.

I decided to base my extended project on the controversial topic 'the benefits of global warming'. I chose this because I enjoy looking at topics from a different point of view. Throughout the project I will work independently, researching and then writing a dissertation. This has started to improve my independent work and planning skills, as I have to plan and organise when I will complete certain parts of my project. I will have to present my research verbally as well as in writing, so this will help me improve my presentation skills.

A-level Geography has developed my skills in essay writing, analysing research, source analysis and a good basis of understanding for a Degree in Geography. Biology complements Geography very well as some topics overlap and this has given me a better understanding of them. Also, I have learnt a vast variety of practical skills from Biology, which will help me for when I carry out practicals at university and it has also taught me how to analyse results. Maths has helped me to improve my decision making and problem solving skills; this will help me when I carry out experiments and need to record and present data. It has also helped me to think logically and how to analyse and solve problems which is useful when sitting exams. I have also been on fieldwork trips to West Wittering, Studland Bay and Hengistbury Head. This has helped me learn a wide range of fieldwork techniques and I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out the fieldwork while on these trips and interpreting the data I have gathered.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit by doing a vast variety of sports including cycling, tennis, football, swimming and table tennis. My favourite sport is cycling as I can challenge myself on how far I am going to go and I relish the feeling of completing the challenge. While having a part time job at Halfords I learnt a wide range of social skills and it has built up my confidence when speaking to people of different ages. Having this job helped me feel responsible for people's safety and developed my time management skills and enabled me to work as part of a team.

I am very much looking forward to studying Geography at university as I get to concentrate on the one subject I am very passionate about and enjoy learning.

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