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The study of geography can greatly improve our understanding of world issues such as the impact of climate on food security and poverty; the influence of natural resources in political conflict; and the implications of changes in global health patterns - all of which fascinate me. As an analytical person, I'm excited by the vast amounts of data now available to geographers, enabling us to measure trends more accurately, interpret findings and use statistical analysis to gain insight. I joined the Royal Statistical Society and subscribe to their publication 'Significance'. I was intrigued by a recent Inequality Index article highlighting the considerable inequality between relatively affluent nations like Chile where the middle class is burgeoning, in a similar way the Gini Coefficient does. This demonstrates the pivotal role statistics plays in enhancing our geographical intelligence.

Having been initially interested in pursuing the sciences at A-Level (hence my choices of Maths and Physics), I increasingly realised my interest lies mainly in human geography. A2 Geography units 'Conflicts and Challenges' and 'Development and Globalisation' challenged me to link historical events such as the conclusion of colonialism with the significant aid dependencies of some LEDCs today. While post-Colonial divisions created modern nations, they were also triggers for sectarian clashes and societies divided across newly created borders. However, an even greater catalyst for conflict can be the presence of essential natural resources such as crude oil - a currently critical energy source for the world. Through my EPQ I aim to explore in depth how the location, economics and supply of crude oil as a source of energy for the world influences western foreign policy towards Arab nations.

I am an outward looking person with a keen interest in current social, economic and political affairs, and keep up to date through diverse news sources and further reading. My knowledge of international cultures has developed through travel both home and abroad, which has developed my appreciation of the close relationship between physical and human geography. While visiting inland California and enjoying the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada and the deserts, I also became aware of the competing needs for water supply between thirsty Los Angeles and the inland chain of terminal lakes. A legal battle resulted in Mono Lake becoming protected in 1978, but not before the water volume had halved and a great deal of ecological damage was already done - demonstrating the tension between the protection of physical features and satisfying social demands in a sustainable way.

Outside my studies, I'm a keen sportsperson playing tennis and frequenting the gym. I enjoy tennis socially and am a qualified LTA Tennis Assistant Coach with club juniors, as well as a Level 9 FA Football Referee. Both of these roles have taught me to be a more decisive and disciplined figure of authority, and I found them personally rewarding by improving various skills. A former scout, I earned the Chief Scout's Gold Award and I also hold an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification - so can work efficiently in a team environment and feel responsible for people's safety. I am passionate about my music too, and really enjoy going to gigs whenever I can.

On my gap year, I plan to make use of my many contacts in Brazil to experience the culture through working and to further my exploration of an extraordinarily diverse country which I have previously visited and found fascinating. My expectation of a geography degree is that it will furnish me with the knowledge, the tools, and the analytical skills to gain a deeper understanding of the discipline I am passionate about.

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This is the personal statement I used to apply to university this year, and ended up getting 5 offers from:

Bristol (w/ Quant methods)

My predicted grades are by no means amazing, so I like to think I had a good P.S. Hope this helps with all your statements - good luck! :)


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