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My choice of Geography as a degree course has stemmed from a long felt sense of awe of the natural environment and a constant curiosity concerning how natural processes operate. This has grown during my school career, particularly during sixth form, where my passion for geography has taken off. Even at a young age, whilst on holiday in Norway, I remember finding it fascinating taking a boat through the fjords looking in wonder at the small waterfalls forming on land and the mountains in the distance. More recently, on a train journey along the Devon coast past Dawlish Warren, I took great pleasure explaining to my friend the formation of the series of caves and arches that we could see out of the window. These two events, of separate times and places, are some of many occasions where I have felt the desire to know answers to why and how situations and formations occur.

My passion for geography was highlighted during a week-long field trip to the Isle of Wight in March. This gave me the opportunity to apply my geographical knowledge and skills in an unfamiliar environment, as well as allowing me to learn and develop new skills. I utilised these whilst studying succession in a salt marsh environment and travelling along the River Caul Bourne where I studied the fluvial processes. Using new data sampling and recording techniques I investigated how the river’s characteristics changed downstream; I then related my data to theoretical geographical models such as the Bradshaw model. Not only was this field trip extremely helpful in developing my geographical skills, which will be instrumental to me when studying geography at a higher level, but it was also a lot of fun.

I enjoy developing my geographical skills through my other A level subjects. Mathematics has extended my logic and problem solving skills which I find are often helpful when studying land management issues. Through studying biology I have improved my knowledge on data analysis and presentation, benefitting my skills in both subjects. A topic I particularly enjoy in biology is ecosystems and ecological succession; this is something I hope to learn more about during a week-long field trip to Wales planned for the spring. Studying geography has allowed me to combine and apply my scientific knowledge. Having always had a deep interest in science, I find physical geography an extremely satisfying subject to study as it allows me to scratch beneath the surface of the world’s visual exterior. I also find my subscription to Geography Review helps expand my knowledge on current research and findings.

Alongside my academic interest in Geography my awareness of social development and human rights around the world has been greatly increased by my membership of the Sixth Form Amnesty International group and this has also helped me to develop my communication skills and ability to work within a team and as a leader. I find these skills have come in extremely useful during my voluntary work at the local primary school where I have assisted at the gardening club and in the forest schools program, teaching children of varying ages and abilities about our environment. In addition to my voluntary work I hold a weekend job at a local farm shop, which, as well as teaching me to work efficiently under pressure, has improved my ability to manage all parts of my life effectively. My other passion outside of school is photography, especially that of the landscape.

Studying Geography at degree level, I hope will not only expand on the skills I am currently developing, but will also give me a real insight into how the Earth functions. Through studying geography I find myself able to answer the many questions raised whilst looking at the world around me, and it is this relevance of geography to so many areas of life that particularly appeals to me. I am open-minded about where this will take me in the future, but hope to be able to pass my passion for such a vast subject onto others.

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